Articles about Gaming.

Articles about Gaming.

How Did the Presale Go? “War Riders”, a Battle Game Under Development of its Own Side Chain that Manipulates Cars

WarRiders has performed a pre-sale at the end of August, and this article will explore the future developments of this game.


What is Blockchain Game "KittieFight" that Makes Kitty fight? Know More About KittiesHell which Burn

Hello! It is (@ VurCur). This time we will introduce the blockchain game "KittieFight" which fights the character of CryptoKitties! In this article I will also mention about KittieHell that requires burning Kitty!


Press Release - My Crypto Heroes : Crypto game made in japan will be launched on 30th November 2018

Developers of crypto games, double inc. (Head office:Tokyo Japan, CEO:Hironobu Ueno), have announced that the official launch and crowd sale for My Crypto Heroes(MCH) will be started on 30th November 2018.


What is the Blockchain Game "HyperDragons" With a Number of Active Users That Can Be Ranked in TOP 5

Despite being ranked in the top ranking, it is a game that has not been talked about much in Japan.


About “Spell of Genesis”, the Blockchain Game Exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show Game Content and How

This article will introduce the “Spells of Genesis”, the game that occupied a booth at the Tokyo Game Show.


【New Japan Made dApps】Blockchain Game “WALLET BATTLER” Project Started!!

Expert in developing and operating online games, Arc Corporation (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shingo Hasegawa, hereinafter Arc) has announced the progressing development towards the release of a new game “WALLET BATTLER” (hereinafter this work).


Digest of Japanese Made DAPPS Game that Can Be Expected from Now

Japanese made DAPPS games have been increasing. We have gone through a careful selecting process and will introduce the games that can be expected from now.


What is the EOS based dApps Game EOS Knight?

Although the number of ETH-based dApps games is increasing rapidly, dApps has begun to be developed on platforms other than ETH such as NEO and EOS.


Explanation of How to Use LINE’s dApps “Wizball”

LINE has announced its platform that is able to utilize token to be in use. This article will explain how to use Wizball.


"Age of Rust", A Blockchain Game that Solves Puzzles in the SF World and Gains Virtual Currency

Hello! This is Suno, (@ VurCur). This time I will introduce an adventure game "Age of Rust", a SF world that can be experienced with high quality 3D technology!


CryptoSpells announces termination of pre-sale, refund of purchases, and reconsideration of service

CryptoSpells has announced its presale on October 1st. While becoming a hot topic, it also brought out some negative reaction.