What is the dungeon RPG "ETHERNAL"?

What is the dungeon RPG "ETHERNAL"?
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I just joined the alpha of the dungeon RPG blockchain game ETHERNAL! Here's an overview of the game.


ETHERNAL is a dungeon RPG that uses the blockchain.

Although the game is named ETH, it actually uses a blockchain called MATIC, which features faster transaction approval compared to ETH, but it is not listed on any Japanese exchanges, so you will need to purchase it on a foreign exchange to play.

In terms of gameplay, the game is a roguelike, with players diving deep into dungeons while collecting drop items and strengthening them as they level up. On death, you lose items and drop them on the spot, and since ETHERNAL is multiplayer, dropped items can be recovered by other players.

Having a blockchain asset lost by the game and then having it lost to another player is an experience unlike any other blockchain game you've played before. It's thrilling.

Introducing the contents of the ETHERNAL Alpha Edition

In the alpha version, we were able to play the dungeon exploration, which is the basis of this game.

Dungeon exploration
Battles with the Enemy
Training of player characters

Dungeon Exploration

The dungeon has a door with a key, and you can get the key by defeating the Enemy. Open the key and explore the dungeon as you go.

In some dungeons, there are rooms where items are dropped. These items are either auto-placed items or items that were dropped after another player died. Some items may have been discarded when your inventory was full.

The speed of movement between rooms is quite slow and quite stressful at the moment, it's an alpha version so that's not an option.


In ETHERNAL battles, you choose an attack and a defensive action in a single turn, respectively. The attack and defense cards are determined by your equipment.

Selecting a high attack card when your opponent's defense is low can do a lot of damage. Reading.

When you win a battle, you get keys, coins and equipment.


Weapon and Armor slots are available to equip your character with acquired items. Strengthen your character by acquiring strong equipment.

You use coins to level your character. It is recommended to always check the accumulation of coins and level up once you have accumulated them.

How to get started with ETHERNAL

In order to participate in the alpha test, you will need to get an invitation link in the discord. You can also check out the game's updates and strategy information on the game.

Discord link for ETHERNAL
https://discord.gg/vgxgc3E ...

ETHERNAL uses Matic's blockchain, but you don't have to use a browser wallet like ETH's tokenpocket to play on mobile.

By signing up for a service called "Portis," which connects your wallet to your browser, you'll be able to play with your Matic and asset information in your game account.

Character Classes

There are four types of characters available in ETHERNAL: Warrior, Explorer, Mage, and Barbarian. Each one has a different stats and drops of coins and elements.

Once you start the game, the first thing you need to do is decide on your character's class and start playing.

Dungeon Exploration

When the game starts and you reach the dungeon, first of all, let's defeat the Enemy that appeared while moving the room appropriately. If you can defeat them and get the key, you can open the door and go further into the dungeon.

You may find items in the room. Go to the room where the item bag is displayed, and tap the bag at the bottom right of the screen.

Once you've mastered the basics of battle and dungeon exploration, you'll be able to avoid dying while trying to get to the bottom of the dungeon.


This is a summary of the dungeon RPG blockchain game ETHERNAL.

Rogue is a genre that has a lot of fans. The game is still in the development stage, but it looks like it will have a certain number of fans once it's finished.

If you're interested in the game, why not go to Discord and play it from the alpha version?

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