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Articles about Event.

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"Contract Servant" Trial Meeting Report [Consava |Event]

A trial session for contract servant experts was held at Axelmark on June 28. Here's a summary of the contract servant's trial.


【A report of the event】The factors and challenges of block chain games : Cryptokanojyo

I’d report over the game event of “Cryptokanojyo” , a sort of dApps game, sponsored by Digital Quest Corporation in Roppongi, February 7.


Crypt-Oink beta 2 update commemoration, collaboration campaign is held!

Good Luck Three Co., Ltd., which develops and operates block chain games, reviewed the training and the race cycle itself as a Crypt-Oink Beta 2 update and made a major renovation. To celebrate this update, holding a media collaboration campaign!


Event : Etheremon will come to Tokyo on 31st Oct.

Block chain game "Etheremon" Meet up! There seems to be a new announcement from Etheremon.