【A report of the event】The factors and challenges of block chain games : Cryptokanojyo

【A report of the event】The factors and challenges of block chain games  : Cryptokanojyo
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I’d report over the game event of “Cryptokanojyo” , a sort of dApps game, sponsored by Digital Quest Corporation in Roppongi, February 7.

We had two presentations in that day. : the first round, marketing and the second, technology.

The First round: Marketing of Cryptokanojyo

Mr. Aoki, a supervisor at Project Planning and Development presented his approaches of marketing in Cryptokanojyo and their improvements. He mentioned Cryptokanojyo before when I interviewed him in Block Chain Game Info.

They released Cryptokanojyo that was set up as a trial for consumers. While their investment was limited, they presented their approaches ever on commercial beneficial subject.

The change of users

Although they anticipated two main users: fans and investors before release, they turned out the another user, who is a cryptocurrency holder.
They usually subjected Otaku, however they were found less related to the usage of service.

Approach to users

They showed a subject and result after their tie-up with various companies such as cryptocurrency media, gaming media and wallet vendors

・Streaming in media
While they showed there were more inflows of users from game media than cryptocurrency media, most of them were new.

・Tie-up with Sofmap
Trendy distribution promotion of a customized character card of Cryptokanojyo.
For their concerning the hesitation by Otaku due to the words such as “block chain” and “cryptocurrency”, they showed that
they consequently turned those words into “flirting with your kanojyo” to approach. They summarized they consequently contributed to a social trend by spreading in Twitter rather than that by the number of users

・Another tie-up with wallet vendors
The two supervisors mentioned that most new users contributed to create a circumstance through registering a wallet address.

・Advertisement in Twitter
Moreover, they found difficult to spend a advertising expense for gaining new users through the media even though they attempted to target on the cryptocurrency holder

The Next Challenge and Feasibility of BlockChain Game

They stated the inserting a wallet function within the service because unavailability of service without directed apps such as MetaMask and Trust has interfered pioneering new users.
Furthermore, they also emphasized the importance of creating a good paid system as feasibility on gaining users is relatively less difficult and the activity is expected higher when users found the system good for business.

Second Round :About Technology

In the second round Mr. Ohno presented over the finance and technology in his presentation.

According to him, while a big gaming project usually requires massive physical servers, expenses and human resources as infrastructural expenses- totally a hundred million yen per a month-, consequently they cost a million yen per a month in the hosting day.

In that background, Ohno stated they actually determined not to set up the infrastructure and adopted “Firebase”, a sort of Google service as their back-end because they wanted to avoid suspense of their business due to their over-infrastructural expenses than sales.

The Next Development

As the next development, the supervisors stated not only the practical plan such as , the improvement of UI and the property of Kanojyo, but they stated they’ve been in the process of a tie-up with magazine.
In addition, they ae aiming to build up new addresses and users up to 200~500 per a month.

How can you ignore CryptoKanojyo even next time?

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