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My Crypt Heroes | Maximum difficulty Troy Walkthrough (Legend 1 Epic 2)

Since I managed to clear My Crypt Heroes' limited-time node "Troy", I am going to share the tips of the strategy in this walkthrough. The composition is legend 1 epic 2.


Even beginners can understand! How to earn with My Crypt Heroes

This article will introduce the process of earning by playing the game My Crypt Heroes.


What is GO PONY? Raise horses and earn with racing!

GO PONY is a game where a player raises a pony, which is stored in the blockchain system, and earns ETH when winning in a race.


『MyCryptoHeroes × GO! WALLET Collaboration Event』GO! GOEMON Campaign!

Get a New Hero, Ishikawa Goemon, MyCryptoHeroes (MCH) The world's biggest block chain game will give this new hero to only 50 users as a free present, hurry up!


Oracle, an Important System for Smart Contract

Blockchain can store records, but they don't have the ability to bring in external information themselves. Oracle plays an important role as a system that brings information to the blockchain system.


"GO! WALLET" launched multilingual version

The wallet service which can enjoy block chain games and DApp applications on smartphone devices. English version first, then more additional languages will support


【Winner announcement】 MCH × PlayDapp Hattori Hanzo Present joint campaign results announcement

We will announce the winners of the campaign held at PlayDapp from November 20th.


The latest information on My Crypto Heroes Cloud Sales is released, "Rare Hero Present Campaign on PlayDapp Pre-registration" starts!

Detailed information on My Crypto Heroes (MCH) Cloud Sales that will be launched on November 30 was released on November 19. Together we started rare HERO present campaign with PlayDapp x MCH. In this article, I will present a summary of the content of the cloud sale and the contents of the present campaign.


My Crypt Heroes' Battle Beta is Over! What is the Team Composition of Top Rankers?

My Crypt Heroes' battle beta has ended. This article will analyze the team composition of top rankers.


What’s Hyperledger that Caught Major Companies’ Attention?

Hyperledger is also involved with large companies such as IBM. An article about Fujitsu was posted previously, yet Japanese companies such as Sony, Hitachi, Fujitsu and NTT are also paying attention to Hyperledger. Although Hyperledger is a blockchain platform, it does not issue currencies like bit coins or Ethereum. This article will explain in detail about Hyperledger.


Utilization of Blockchain Technology in Japanese Enterprise Fujitsu (FUJITSU) Approach to Blockchain Technology

While overseas companies are using blockchain technology one after another, the use of block chain technology can also be seen within major Japanese companies. This article will look at Japan's representative company Fujitsu (FUJITSU) in its field of utilizing blockchain technology.


How Did the Presale Go? “War Riders”, a Battle Game Under Development of its Own Side Chain that Manipulates Cars

WarRiders has performed a pre-sale at the end of August, and this article will explore the future developments of this game.


What is Blockchain Game "KittieFight" that Makes Kitty fight? Know More About KittiesHell which Burn

Hello! It is (@ VurCur). This time we will introduce the blockchain game "KittieFight" which fights the character of CryptoKitties! In this article I will also mention about KittieHell that requires burning Kitty!


Press Release - My Crypto Heroes : Crypto game made in japan will be launched on 30th November 2018

Developers of crypto games, double inc. (Head office:Tokyo Japan, CEO:Hironobu Ueno), have announced that the official launch and crowd sale for My Crypto Heroes(MCH) will be started on 30th November 2018.


What is the Blockchain Game "HyperDragons" With a Number of Active Users That Can Be Ranked in TOP 5

Despite being ranked in the top ranking, it is a game that has not been talked about much in Japan.


Wallets at the Exchange might be Dangerous?

Rethink about the storage of virtual currency about in Japan. Two hacking incidents were reported from two major domestic exchanges during this year. Multiple incidents were also reported in many countries during last year, and the momentum does not seem to be declining. There are many people who feel resistant towards keeping their own assets in the exchange since wallets stored in exchanges appeared to be a big target of hacking. It is said that wallets of exchanges were often left open in order to trade immediately without consuming the time of opening it up. While dealing with virtual currency, wallet's significance is large, and users need to acquire knowledge relating to wallets.


About “Spell of Genesis”, the Blockchain Game Exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show Game Content and How

This article will introduce the “Spells of Genesis”, the game that occupied a booth at the Tokyo Game Show.


Event : Etheremon will come to Tokyo on 31st Oct.

Block chain game "Etheremon" Meet up! There seems to be a new announcement from Etheremon.


【New Japan Made dApps】Blockchain Game “WALLET BATTLER” Project Started!!

Expert in developing and operating online games, Arc Corporation (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shingo Hasegawa, hereinafter Arc) has announced the progressing development towards the release of a new game “WALLET BATTLER” (hereinafter this work).


How to Use TokenPocket and Registration Procedure! A Virtual Currency Wallet Can Be Used on iPhone!

TokenPocket is a completely domestic made smart phone application designed for Ethereum・ERC20 token. Able to be used on iPhones, unlike MyEtherWallet, the ease to manage the wallet simply by a smart phone application is one of the greatest attractions of tokenPocket. This article will introduce the registration procedure of tokenPocket and explain how to use it.