[September 2022] Summary of the latest information and roadmap for My Crypto Heroes.

[September 2022] Summary of the latest information and roadmap for My Crypto Heroes.

This section summarizes the latest information and roadmap for My Crypto Heroes(MCH) as of September 2022.

Aura Battle has started!

What is an Aura?

In raise mining, the tokens RAYS and MCHC can be consumed to summon an NFT called SOUL, which is a combination of three pairs of heroes.

SOULs have an "aura effect" that manifests itself through a combination of heroes and status tendencies, and SOULs can be merged with other SOULs to increase their awakening value, which is activated when the awakening value for each aura effect is set to a certain level or higher.

SOULs with activated aura effects can be converted from raise mining to micromining, and can be set as auras for heroes. This allows the aura effect to be obtained during battle.

Although the regulation with Aura effect has not yet been held in the Duel Cup, it can be used in the Colosseum and Land Battle. Depending on the combination of Aura and Hero, you will be able to win against opponents you could not win against before, so trading of SOUL with popular Aura effects is becoming more active.

How to obtain the Aura.

Aura can be purchased either by converting SOUL summoned by raise mining to the main MCH or through marketplaces such as tofuNFT.

How to convert from SOUL.

First, we will sumon the SOUL. You will pay 10 MCHC and 9000 RAYS for the sumon. If you do not have it, get it from an exchange such as Quickswap.

Aura effects on SOUL can be filtered from the "Settings" screen. Selecting the aura effects and heroes you are targeting will make it easier to find the SOUL you want.

How to Buy in the Marketplace

For marketplace purchases, we recommend that you search for SOUL on a site created by the community and then purchase from there on a marketplace such as tofuNFT.

SOUL search site: https://mycr-soul-info.vercel.app/

From the "Search" link, you can search for SOULs that have already been issued for a skill or hero.

The "TOFUNFT" link will take you to the page of that SOUL.

If you go tofuNFT and SOUL is not for sale, you can make an offer.

Increase the awakening value

In order to activate the aura effect, the SOUL's awakening value must be increased; select the SOUL and go to "Aura Effect List" to see the awakening value required to activate the aura effect you need.

Next, go to "Soul Awakening" and consume another SOUL to raise its awakening value. The way the awakening value is increased depends on how well the hero, attribute, and color of the SOUL being consumed matches that of the SOUL to be raised. It is more efficient to select a SOUL with the highest possible increase in awakening value.

Aura Conversion

Once you have activated the aura effect, send it to the main Mycry and convert it to an aura. Go to "Inventory" > "Deposit", select the aura you wish to convert, and then pass the transaction through.

Wait for a while, and the aura will be delivered to the MCH side.

Aura equipment and aura effect set

Select the hero whose aura you wish to equip from the inventory in the main MCH and select the aura to equip from "Aura".

GUM is required to equip an aura, and the amount and the number of available aura effects vary depending on the rarity of the hero.

Legendary: 40 GUM, 4 slots
Epic: 20 GUM, 3 slots
Rare: 10 GUM, 2 slots
Uncommon: 5 GUM, 1 slot

Aura is strong!


A set of Aura effects was unleashed at the recent community event, "MCH Koshien," and the effects were immediately powerful.

Butterflies that deal HP-dependent damage and drakes that deal AGI-dependent damage are raging in the current environment, and auras that mitigate them are also available.

Granting critical increases and resurrection (revival) is also interesting. Auras are very active in the battle log here.


I would definitely make good use of them in land battles and coliseums.

Road map

Source : medium.com

The highlight of the roadmap is regarding the change in how extensions are obtained. Up until now, extensions have been dropped, but the plan is to change this so that materials will drop and can be obtained by collecting and crafting them.

If GUM and materials can also be exchanged, the presence of GUM, which had decreased in usage since the end of hero sales, will be revived.

Source : medium.com

The materials collected are converted into extensions through crafting.

Until now, heroes have only been useful mainly in duels. If heroes can benefit from crafting, and if this benefit varies depending on the type of hero and their attributes, it may add value to heroes that have not seen the light of day in the past.


The following is a summary of the latest information and roadmap points for MCH.

Aura is a content that will change the dueling environment dramatically. Players who like to duel have already started collecting and cultivating auras, and some are researching auras in the arena.

The materials and crafting that are embodied in the roadmap will also change the rut of circulating the node. I'm looking forward to it!

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