【MCH | Non-charging strategy】My Crypto Heroes for those who do not charge

【MCH | Non-charging strategy】My Crypto Heroes for those who do not charge

There are a lot of MCH charged charges, and this article will explain how to earn money without charging.

My Crypto Heroes can also be enjoyed without charging.
Players can purchase items to some extent even without charge anything.

Things cannot be done without charging

Because this article is going to be tied up without charge thoroughly,
· Purchase heroes at Opensea
· Purchase extensions at Opensea
· Purchase GUM
cannot be done.

Also, GUM that players can receive with 0 ETH of the Daily Bonus will not be accepted as it costs a fee.
If players are aware of the fee, it is 50 GUM a day at a time, but for 50 GUM the commission cost will be 5 yen to 10 yen.
Although it is an insignificant amount, if it is done every day, it will end up by paying 50 yen to get 500 GUM over ten days.
In that case, it would be better to pay 500 yen to get 500 GUM from the beginning.

To obtain a hero / extension without charging

There are four ways to obtain heroes and extensions without charging
· Circulate the dungeon and get an extension by dropping.
· Buy with GUM.
· Apply for a campaign to be carried out on Twitter etc. and get a hero or an extension.
· Become a top ranking player and get a hero or an extension.

To circulate around the dungeon

When you go around the node, two types of items will be dropped.

That is first, a replica extension or the original extension.
The replica extension is level fixed, it cannot become stronger anymore, and it cannot be traded or sold.
Therefore, if the replica has a high rank, it has a strong status to a certain extent.
In addition, we can exchange GUM with Lab.

For the original extensions, there is a level and gets stronger as players circulate the node.
Players can also trade it with other users or sell it on Opensea.

Let's go round the node, earn GUM by selling replica extensions with Lab and aiming at the dropping of rare original extension.

Purchase with GUM

In addition to "purchase" and "get a daily bonus" for GUM, players can earn it in two other ways.
· Sell original extension or hero by trade
· Sell replica extension with Lab

By circulating the node, one or two replica extensions can be collected every once,
and by selling replica extensions, players can earn around 50 to 100 GUM a day.

By accumulating that GUM, players can obtain extensions and heroes through trading.

Apply for campaigns

My Crypto Heroes carries out various campaigns.
Especially for followers on Twitter and for the Retweet campaign, players can get excellent heroes.
Follow dApps related accounts and watch the information.

Campaigns on Twitter and other platforms are announced at the time of the campaign, and if you follow the MyCryptoHeroes' Twitter account it will remind you as well.

Obtain by ranking

At the game My Crypto Heroes, a duel competing on a regular basis with PvP is held.
Because heroes and extensions are distributed to the top places of the Duel as a reward,
Players can earn heroes and extensions if they acquire a higher place.

If you say the top, you probably do not think you will get anything,
but for the last ranking fight # 2, Santa Claus was distributed to users up to the 1000th place.
It is almost all the duel participants at that time.

WeeklyCup, which is currently being held, will receive an extension of Blockchain Cuties (Blockchain Cuties) collaboration by the 30th place, but to acquire the 30th place will be difficult for non-charge players to start from now.

[system]Weekly Cup – My Crypto Heroes – Medium


To earn with non-charge

Regarding the portion that generates profit, it is difficult to earn with completely no charge.
Ethereum's fee, Gas (1 yen to 10 yen), will be applied when putting it on the EthereumNetwork.

Regarding the matter, it is something players need to endure as a necessary expense. After confirming how much it is traded, let's decide whether to move to EthereumNetwork.
Let's look up MyCryptoHeroes from Opensea, and also look it up from Activity.

For example, Santa Claus distributed to the 1000th place the other day is trading at around 300 yen.
Other airdrop heroes are on sale.

If you can get the extension of the legendary, the transactions are been done by around 5 ETH.

To be efficient and strong without charge

Let's gather replica extensions while circulating around the low-level node to raise the level first.
Let's sell Replica Extension at the Lab.
By arranging six extensions of Uncommon's trade-out extensions in the total of three, players will be able to stably circulate a part of levels 30-40.
For an uncommon extension, players can get it at around 100 GUM.

Then, let's save money while circulating the nodes in order to acquire higher extensions.
If it becomes possible to circulate a node of higher difficulty level, it becomes easier to acquire an extension with a higher rarity.

You can clear up to Lv 40 with Hollerith (Ver1) and the initial members and an uncommon extension.

Enjoying it for free, with the possibility to earn

My Crypto Heroes is a game that players can earn hundreds of yen to tens of thousands of yen from the items gained in the game, even if played thoroughly without charge.

By all means, if you are a blockchain gamer, you probably want to be absolutely strong. But first, if you want to become stronger while enjoying the game without charge or to raise the ranking more, check the market and cultivate strong heroes and extensions would be a good way to begin with.

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My Crypto Heroes

MCH is a quick and casual worker-placement RPG.
Enter "LRwA" in the invite code to get a bonus hero!
Collect and train historical Heroes of the world, get special and legendary items into your to equip, compose the ultimate unbeatable team formations and challenge epic battles to conquer the crypto world !

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