Japan blockchain game situation in the first half of 2019. 1/3

Under release

It is a list of the one that it is released now, the service is not stopped, and it is confirmed that it is domestic.

Crypto O-ink
Crypto Derby
Crypto Ninja


This is a blockchain game operated by double jump.tokyo.
It is the most successful blockchain game in Japan now.
In February 2019, when the land pre-sale was held, sales of 6000ETH were issued for the month.

It is a game in which historical figures use them as heroes to play against each other.
The community seems to be getting more and more excited, with public viewing slated to be reserved for movie theaters.

Source : youtube

Too much fun event to see the "mch koshien" flag battle to charter the movie theater.

My Crypto Heroes

MCH is a quick and casual worker-placement RPG.
Enter "LRwA" in the invite code to get a bonus hero!
Collect and train historical Heroes of the world, get special and legendary items into your to equip, compose the ultimate unbeatable team formations and challenge epic battles to conquer the crypto world !


This is a blockchain card game developed by CryptoGames Co., Ltd.
At the cloud sale, 900ETH was a boost.
With the first sale complete disputing and no open market available, you'll be attracting attention for future card sales and the volume of transactions in the market.

Crypto Spells

Crypto Spells is a blockchain trading card game developed and operated by CryptoGames Inc.
The digital cards can be freely traded among users as NFTs.
It is a next generation card game where "cards become assets".
Enter the invitation code "y8zS" to get a "mining ticket" when you log in for the first time.

Crypto O-ink

This is a blockchain game operated by Good Luck 3 Co., Ltd.
It was released as a pig version of Cryptokitis that allows cute pigs to be matched and create new pigs.
Since then, racing has been introduced and game elements such as pig breeding have been introduced.

Source : youtube

【Crypto O-ink】 1st Anniversary !️ MCH Joint Meat Up - Digest [Fukuoka]


Crypt-Oink is a smartphone game that allows traders to buy, sell and breed multi-colored pigs on an Ethereum

Bit Nyanters

It is a location information game that can earn virtual currency developed by Real World Games Co., Ltd.
With apps like Pokemon GO, you can get rewards by taking more and more pictures of distinctive city spots on foot.

Crypto Derby

This is a blockchain horse racing game operated by Platinum Egg Co., Ltd.
You can race your horse (ERC721) and if you win, you will receive in-game coins.
It supports multiple chains such as IOST.


What is CryptoDerby?
CryptoDerby is DAPPS 2.0, the second generation block chain game.

Crypto Ninja

It is a game like submarine game operated by Ever System Co., Ltd.
The castle side set up a trap to protect the treasure, and the ninja decides the route so that it does not hit the trap from the start to the goal.
If you go through the trap, you will receive in-game coins.
We also support chains other than ETHEREUM, such as IOST.


DApps released from japan. Simulation game.

During release (no information dissemination for several months)

The following is a blockchain game that has been released but has been released for several months and has stopped sending and updating on Twitter for several months.

Crypto kanojo
- https://cryptokanojo.com/
Crypto Idol
- https://www.cryptoidols.io/
World Of Cryptia
- https://www.worldofcryptia.com/
Crypto Planet
- https://app.crypto-planet.io
Crypto Feather
- https://cryptofeather.me

Crypto kanojo

It is a game that can flirt with the token operated by Digital Quest Co., Ltd.
It is easy to understand when i say the kanojo version of the cryptokitties.
(kanojyo mean girlfriend)

Created in Live2D, kanojyo moves your eyes when you click with the mouse.

Now, I mix the kanojyo, but it is a state of the degree that a little movement comes out,
Because it is possible to download the material for Live2D of my kanojyo, it seems to be able to be diverted to Vtuber etc.

Crypto kanojyo is a game that is impressive for the first time in blockchain games, such as preparing realistic campaign cards such as credit cards such as sofmap and distributing them free of charge with sofmap.
(Sofmap is a computer store in japan)


Collect the cute girl type token "CryptoKanojo" that runs on Live2D, and you can touch it like a girl you can touch it.


This is a blockchain game operated by Good Luck 3 Co., Ltd., which operates The Crypto O-ink.
It was a game that showed the potential to earn money even if it was "uncharged" ahead of MCH(My Crypto Heroes) and Crypto Spells.

You can generate a faceless idol and set a picture for that idle setting.
Idols with pictures can compete in user-voting contests, and if they win, they will earn ETH.
It is a blockchain game that had the possibility to earn money by various things such as drawing a picture, winning a contest, and reselling an idol.


draw idols game.


This is a blockchain game operated by GIANTY Co., Ltd.
The game itself is a exploratory game like blockchain cuties.
After the release, there hasn't been much movement.

It seems to be actively taking the stage of the event.


This is a virtual land resale game produced by cryptoplanet production committee.
It is a game in which you buy rpg-style world maps one by one in the position of a hero or a demon king, and compete for the ratio between the brave and the devil.
After it was released in July 2018, there was no movement, but it seems that the operation continues as it is.


CryptoFeather is a blockchain game by a japanese domestic company, although the company's name is not disclosed.
The alpha version has been released as the world's best rock bird blockchain game.
The beta version and beyond were listed on the roadmap, including raid bosses, matchups, story modes, and kittyverse participation, but it seems to have stopped moving at the end of September 2018.

There are surprisingly many blockchain games in Japan that are being released

MyCrypto Heroes, Crypto Spells, and Three Of The Crypto O-ink are the most high-profile blockchain games of the day now.
In addition, many domestic blockchain games have been released unexpectedly.

Domestic blockchain game under development
This is a list of domestic blockchain games under development.

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