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What is “Spells of Genesis”?

First of all, please watch the introductory video here.

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“Spells of Genesis” is a mobile game combining trading card games, strategic deck organization, and intuitive action elements, which together brought up a new sensation.

Rare cards can be managed through blockchain, and has succeeded in maintaining rarity of digital cards.

Getting Started with “Spells of Genesis”

Users can get started simply by downloading “Spells of Genesis” from the App Store or Google Play store. In order to manage items in the game to get started, let's download the wallet application “Indie Square”.

Collaboration with Wallet

Please tap "Blockchain wallet" from game options to collaborate the account and wallet.
Android users will be collaborating with Book of Orbs and iPhone users with Indie Square.
The collaboration will be completed after confirming the address of the wallet, and users can manages the cards that are displayed in blockchain form.

Game Guide

Let's try the game once the preparation is completed.
The basic operation is extremely easy. When users tap the direction they wanted to attack with their fingers, the characters will fire something in the shape of a ball. The opponent’s health point will decrease if hit by the ball, and eliminating all of the opponent means the user has cleared the stage.


Characters in the game possess a specific nature of attribute. There are 6 attributes, which are fire, water, tree, ice, light, and darkness. There is no weak point for each attribute, and each of them is equal.
However, since there will be one attribute strengthened for each stage, it is better to challenge the stages while utilizing the attributes in an advisable way.

Rarity of the Cards

The card has rare degrees of common, rare, epic, and legendary. Players can earn cards of random rarity with gold gained in the game.

The probability of getting a legendary is considerably low and cannot be obtained easily.
Each card has eight pieces of information. Let's check what kind of card it is after obtaining the card.

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