"Age of Rust", A Blockchain Game that Solves Puzzles in the SF World and Gains Virtual Currency

"Age of Rust", A Blockchain Game that Solves Puzzles in the SF World and Gains Virtual Currency
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Hello! This is Suno, (@ VurCur). This time I will introduce an adventure game "Age of Rust", a SF world that can be experienced with high quality 3D technology!

What is “Age of Rust”?

“Age of Rust” is a high-quality 3D adventure game that can be played on personal computers.

It is currently under development, but the development will be ended in the second quarter of 2019 according to the roadmap.

It is an intriguing story of science fiction (SF) genre, and has the ability to immerse the players in the storyline.

The worldview is that the world where the human race used to live on and prosper has came to an end, human reached the star outside the sola system Kepler 22-b by the colony ship, and started a new life.

In addition, element such as puzzle solving is also part of the game system.

The reward of solving the puzzle will be virtual currency in a tokenized form.

This is the points that made it a block chain game.

Attract Players with High Quality Graphics!

This high quality graphics just have to be mentioned.
The introductory video is also available, so please have a look.

Source : youtube

Age of Rust Cave Playtest

Currently it is under the stage of 3D related developments, and the graphics are released.

It is an atmosphere that is easily to be fascinated, and an amazing final result can be expected.

Solve the Puzzles and Gain Virtual Currency

Puzzle solving is one of the elements regarding the game system of “Age of Rust”.

And by solving the puzzles, players are able to acquire the reward of virtual currency RUSTBITS.

Virtual currency RUSTBITS is made up of token ERC - 1155.

Clues of the puzzles are to be scattered in many places such as the collapsed temples and the crushed spaceship debris.

I'd love to know what kind of puzzle it would be and of course to solve them as well.

What is Token ERC-1155?

"ERC - 1155" is developed by “Enjin Coin”, a team that creates useful technologies for the blockchain game development platform. It is a token related technology that can integrate multiple blockchain assets and them.

ERC - 1155 token has successfully simplified the developing cost and lowered the transaction fee.

Until then, a transaction fee is charged every single time when sending a digital asset to another person, however users are able to lower the cost of transaction fee by integrating the items and send them as a group, which is a great merit.

ERC - 1155 has been adopted more often in blockchain games. Age of Rust has planned to use another virtual currency called counterparty (XCP), but now it seems to have moved to ERC - 1155 token.


Age of Rust is characterized by science fiction storyline, and high quality graphics that is able to immerse its players into.

From the point of view of a blockchain game, the system of which the reward is obtained by solving the puzzle is highly intriguing.

According to the roadmap the development will be completed in 2019, yet I can hardly wait.

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