Mines of Dalarnia|How to start and play the mining action game

Mines of Dalarnia|How to start and play the mining action game

This is a summary of the mining action game Mines of Dalarnia (Mines of Dalarnia).

2022/02/28 Add About Ver2.0
2021/10/08 NFT sale, promo code added
2021/09/30 Addition regarding funding

The mining action game "Mines of Dalarnia" (Mines of Dalarnia) is a game of digging through dungeons and collecting ore with simple controls. An alpha v1.0 version is currently available for play.

The ore collected can be used to enhance the player and increase mining efficiency.

The game also incorporates Play to Earn elements, so if you are good at action games, give it a try.

You will need to create a new wallet, and we will show you how to do it in detail.

What is Mines of Dalarnia?

Mines of Dalarnia is a mining game played in a PC browser.

The player proceeds through the dungeon, digging blocks with a pickaxe and recovering ore and items in order to reach the escape pods. Players have an oxygen gauge, which runs out and results in death. Oxygen supply bottles are placed in the dungeon, so please collect them systematically.

The main game content is ore mining action. Out games include player enhancement, crafting, and markets. The game itself is free to play.

Now, let me introduce how to start the game.

First create a hromiaVault wallet

Mines of Dalarnia assets are managed through a wallet application called ChromiaVault.

Click here to access the site and create a new account.

As you can see in the URL, it is a test net.

The process of creating a wallet is as follows

1. access the site
2. Enter account name and password
3. Print out and keep the seed phrase
4. enter the seed phrase to complete registration

When the wallet is ready, it will look like this. 

How to start Mines of Dalarnia

Create a Chromia Vault account and visit this site.


A tutorial will appear, but let's play the game first. You can start at "FREE PLAY.

Select the stage you wish to depart from and click "Play".

Easy to operate.

Left/Right(w a s d) keys: Move
Up key: Jump (2-step jump possible)
Spacebar: Swing the pickaxe

In the beginning, you will proceed anyway, digging for items.

The goal is a device that looks like a warp machine. Aim for the goal before the oxygen gauge runs out.
The shining point on the radar in the upper left corner is the goal, and there may be more than one depending on the stage.

Here is the result screen.

It shows ores and items collected in the dungeon. This is a game in which you collect items by going around the dungeon.

About Player Enhancement

Collecting ores in the dungeon can strengthen the player. Choose the parts you want to strengthen and raise your level.

Crafting items

Items can be manufactured using ores collected in dungeons. The required materials are indicated, so do your best to collect the missing materials.

We recommend the escape device. The first time you go to a dungeon, you may not be able to reach the goal. If the mission fails due to running out of oxygen, you will only be able to bring back half of the rare metals you collected. If you have an escape device, you can bring back all the metals before that happens, so stock up on one.

About the Market

Dungeons (plots) can be traded or rented. You can buy good plots to collect materials or earn money by renting them.

NFT Asset Sales

It was announced on the official Medium that the NFT Collection (Mining Ape) will go on sale on 10/14/2021.
A limited collection of 10,000 NFT will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

NFT Ownership Benefits

Participate in future NFT drops and receive a free canary bird and starter pack.

Token rewards will be given to NFT holders based on the type of NFT and length of time held.

Will be a long-term membership token that grants early access to Mines ofDalarnia releases.

Although it is an algorithmically generated generative NFT and a collective NFT that cannot be imported into the game, future rewards are planned for NFT holders, so Maidara fans should take advantage of this opportunity to obtain one.


The company announced that it has raised $2.7 million in funding from Animoca Brands, NGC Ventures, and others.
Crypto.com, Animoca Brands, Coin 98, Jump Capital, NGC, Impossible Finance, Kyros Ventures, ICO Drops, x21 Digital, Bitscale Ventures, Crypto J SanctorCapital participated in the financing.

Promotional Code

Promotional codes are available for new test players.
2021/10/11 16:30(CET)
50 Dalarnia tokens will be given out to new users and existing accounts, so be sure to put them to good use.
To get the promo code, log in, open "CODE REDEEM" from the gear icon, and enter "WELCOME2MOD" to get the tokens.

Update to V2.0

The contents of V2.0, an update that will greatly enhance the graphics and the game system, were announced.
The world and other aspects of the game have been created to give it a Terraria + Metroid-like atmosphere.

Source : youtube

Mines of Dalarnia 2.0 | Engine Update Video (not actual gameplay)

Mines of Dalarnia V. 2.0 vs V. 1.0: Side-by-side comparison | by Mines of Dalarnia | Dec, 2021 | Med...

It has often been said that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ In that spirit, we wanted to take the opportunity to present you with a series of side-by-side models comparing the original Mines…


This is a summary of Mines of Dalarnia.

It is still a minor and simple game, but the game system seems solid, and it has a PlaytoEarn mechanism. I think it will be surprisingly popular when it becomes available to play on smartphones.

If you're interested, give it a play!

Mines_of_Dalarnia Dapps

Mines of Dalarnia

This is a free to play blockchain action adventure platform mining game. Dig through dungeons, mine ores, and use the ores you collect to enhance your player and increase your mining efficiency. You can also earn money by buying and renting out land.
Released on Apr 26, 2022 on mainnet.
Platform: WindowsPC,MAC