"Menya Dragon Ramen NewBranch," Service to be Provided on WEMIX

"Menya Dragon Ramen NewBranch," Service to be Provided on WEMIX

The "Menya Dragon Ramen NewBranch," utilizing blockchain technology, is now available on WEMIX PLAY.

Fly Penguin inc. and CLINKS inc. have announced the release of the blockchain game "Menya Dragon Ramen NewBranch" on the WEMIX PLAY platform.

This game is a combination of 'RPG and Ramen Shop Simulation', where players defeat monsters in dungeons and use the collected ingredients to sell ramen. This becomes the main activity of the game.

Menya Dragon Ramen

"Menya Dragon Ramen " was originally released on the PlayMing platform, but now it has been made available on the WEMIX PLAY platform by WEMADE, allowing for multi-platform compatibility.

WEMIX PTE. LTD. is based in Singapore and leads in the popularization of blockchain technology specialized in the gaming industry. As a subsidiary of WEMADE, it operates the blockchain game platform 'WEMIX PLAY'.

Scheduled Release Timeline (All times in JST)
• NFT Sales Period: Sequential sales commence around April
• Game Launch: Around April
* Dates are subject to change without notice

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Related URL

・Official HP: https://wm-dragonramen.flypenguin-games.com/
・Discord: https://discord.gg/cYQVxUCTa7
・X (Former Twitter)(JP): https://twitter.com/dragonramennb_j
・X (Former Twitter)(EN): https://twitter.com/dragonramennb_e
・WEMIX PTE. LTD.: https://www.wemixplay.com/
・Fly Penguin Inc.: https://www.flypenguin.jp/
・CLINKS Corporation: https://www.clinks.jp/



Menya DORAGON RAMEN is a P2E game compatible with PlayMining. In this "RPG x ramen sales simulation," players advance through dungeons in auto-battles to obtain "ingredients," sell "ramen" using the ingredients they have obtained, and earn sales in DEAPcoin, a cryptographic asset.
By using rare ingredients and inventing recipes, ramen sales can be improved, giving players the chance to earn more DEAPcoin.

Genre: RPG, RAMEN simulation
Compatible devices: WEB
Fee: Free of charge
Release date: September 21, 2022
Status: Under release
P2E: Supported
Language: Japanese, English
Network: PlayMining
Distribution platform: PlayMining
NFT:Employee NFT
Token: $DEAPcoin
Guild function: -Function
Scholarship: Supported
Staking: -
Lending: -
Trading: -Trading
Synthesis function: New NFTs can be synthesized from two NFTs by the inheritance function.
Marketplace: PlayMining NFT(https://daa.playmining.com/
IEO : -
IDO : -
INO : -
Smart Contract Audit : -
Provider: Fly Penguin inc.
Developer: Fly Penguin inc.
Whitepaper: -
Contact: https://dragonramen.flypenguin-games.com/contact/

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