GMO's Blockchain Game Info Becomes Media Partner for Symbiogenesis

GMO's Blockchain Game Info Becomes Media Partner for Symbiogenesis
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"The Blockchain Game Info by GMO" has started as a media partner for "SYMBIOGENESIS," operated by Square Enix.

GMO Media, operated by GMO, has become a media partner for Square Enix's blockchain game 'SYMBIOGENESIS' (SynbioGenesis). Through this partnership, BCGI will provide detailed information, including exclusive articles, on the latest news, NFTs, and other in-game contents of SynbioGenesis.




"SYMBIOGENESIS" is an entirely new form of NFT entertainment that combines the joy of gaming with a collection of 10,000 unique NFT collectible artworks. The character NFTs consist of 10,000 characters, each with different races and professions, designed as bust-ups that can also be used as profile images. These NFTs will be released and sold in six chapters.

As for the gaming elements, it falls under the category of "story-unlocking NFT entertainment." Players will unravel the mysteries hidden in this world by unlocking the main story and individual character stories. The gameplay involves progressing through the character's story, completing the main story and missions to discover items hidden on the "floating continent," and aiming to participate in the "World Mission," the final chapter. Depending on the player's choices, the outcome of the story can change, providing an interactive experience.


SYMBIOGENESIS is an all-new NFT entertainment offering 10,000 uniquely designed character NFTs and story-releasing gameplay. Players will be able to unlock each character's story as they search for items hidden on the floating continent and participate in world missions. NFT collectible art, which will be available for sale as all six chapters are released for PFP, SYMBIOGENESIS is a remarkable NFT entertainment experience with an immersive story and exciting gameplay. 

Game Flow
Players will be able to complete all six chapters of the story by advancing through the main storyline and missions.
Players will be able to complete quests to find items hidden in the floating continent.

What is a ‍Quest‍?
Quests to find hidden items are highly challenging and require players to cooperate with other players to share information.
Quests can be played regardless of chapters, but quests will be added as chapters are added.

How to play
Players will be given slot release points once a day to unlock the story of their characters in cooperation with all players.
Players advance through the main storyline and missions to complete the Great Mission (defeating bosses).
Find items hidden in the floating continent based on hints.
Participate in the final mission (World Mission) to determine the ending of the story.
To participate in the world mission, you must advance through the main story and missions, which consist of six chapters, find hidden items, and fulfill certain conditions.
The world mission will be held in the same way as the main storyline and missions, and will require the players to find hidden items and fulfill certain conditions.
*Only three of all players can participate in a world mission. Other players can only watch the conclusion of the mission.

Genre : Story-releasing NFT entertainment
Charge : Free of charge
Compatible devices: iOS and the latest version of Android
Release date : To be determined
Status : Under development
P2E : Supported
Languages : English, Japanese
Blockchain : Ethereum, Polygon
Distribution platform :
NFT :Item, Character
Token : -
Development Partners : Story Note,Precious Analytics
Provider/Developer : SQUARE ENIX
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