BIGHEAD to hold an art exhibition to display all the albums documenting the 10 years he has walked with Hatsune Miku.

BIGHEAD to hold an art exhibition to display all the albums documenting the 10 years he has walked with Hatsune Miku.
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NFT of illustrations with Hatsune Miku's music to be released with permission from Crypton Future Media Inc.

FORESIGHT STUDIO, which have released the works of VOCALOID PRODUCER/BIGHEAD, are pleased to announce that they will release NFT of illustrations with Hatsune Miku's music, with permission from Crypton Future Media Inc.

About the art exhibition”BIGHEAD EXBITION”

Since Hatsune Miku's first overseas performance "HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2014 in NY/LA" with theme song by BIGHEAD and main visual by apapico, the two artists have released 7 albums in collaboration for music and illustrations. They are going to hold an art exhibition in a VR space to look back on their new and past works.

Image video of the exhibition with BIGHEAD's albums displayed in a virtual space.

BIGHEA’s “HATSUNE MIKU” illustration NFT release with music

Six albums from "Only 1" including their masterpiece "Sharing The World" , "01 FRIENDS", "RELOVE", "World Is Wide", "GOLDEN FOLD", "KIN BYOBU" to the latest album "Entrusted Music" will be sold at auction as art NFT.
"Only1" will be released as a presale before the exhibition. It will be sold in advance to those who have already owned "BIGHEAD BAGDE" and "BIGHEAD BAGED NFT" . The sales platform is OpenSea. the latest information will be announced from BIGHEAD twitter.

Release site OpenSea : https://opensea.io/BIGHEADOFFICIAL
To be announced in advance to BADGE owners.

Information indicating the authenticity of the NFT is given by Adobe's Credentials(beta) function.

Information on the content creator and editing history is embedded in the work to indicate the authenticity of the work.

Adobe content credentials s grant can be checked for authentication at https://verify.contentauthenticity.org/

Comment from BIGHEAD&apapico


We are very excited to be releasing NFT with Hatsune Miku.
Hatsune Miku was born from cutting edge technology and has developed through collaboration with the latest technologies.
Musicians sought the latest technology and instruments to create music that no one had ever heard before.

Artists have been presenting new ideas and innovative messages through their works. This project aims to create ART that encompasses all of the above.

The NFT work will be an experimental trial, and we expect that it will be both successful and unsuccessful, depending on the angle from which it is viewed.

However, as a musician living in a time of rapid technological development, I have launched this project because I want to challenge myself to create a new kind of artwork that has never existed before.

Please read "Why Create NFT?" and please keep an eye on us.
“Why Create NFT?"

BIGHEAD's dream is to create “a stone statue of Hatsune Miku.”
Even if a huge meteorite fell to the earth and human beings were extinct, we want to leave behind the fact that a civilization existed by means of a piece of stone statue.

Leaving data on computers and the Internet gives the illusion of permanence, but you cannot read a 30-year-old diary left on the Internet, and data recorded on a CD-R lasts 20 years, while a hard disk lasts only 5 years.

Currently, the longest preservation is to keep it on paper for 100 years, and the best preservation is to keep it in stone, which has been preserved since Greek times without being lost in a fire.

We are pursuing our dream of building a plaster statue because we want to leave a proof of our life.
With this in mind, the birth of NFT has given us another option besides erecting a stone statue.

Couldn't the activity of owning music and preserving it for posterity be "decentralized"?

I came up with the idea of an album with the message "I entrust my music to you," in which my work is owned in a decentralized way by a wide variety of people, including overseas.

If there are 14 songs on the album, I imagined that each person would own one song at NFT to hedge the risk to the 14 locations.
Wouldn't this be better for posterity than owning the album by oneself alone?

Even if a creator sends out a grand message, it will disappear when its lifespan comes after a few decades. However, by having other users own it as NFT/ artwork, it could be passed on in the form of art to their children's and grandchildren's generations. Like Van Gogh's
paintings, someone will own them for many years and display them somewhere in the world. That is both my goal and dream.

With the advent of the CD, the value of a single was set at 1,000 yen.
With the advent of Mp3, a digital single is now worth 150 yen.
With the advent of streaming, a single song is now worth 0.5 yen.
With the advent of Jpeg, illustrations were used by others as SNS icons for free.

“If there is a way to prove that such digital reproductions are the original created by the creator," the right to determine the price can be put back in the hands of the creator.

We will demonstrate the project "Entrusted Music" to regain the value of the creator and preserve it as a work of art.

By discontinuation of the music due to contract termination or suspension of distribution by the platform, the music you thought you could listen to forever may suddenly disappear! I entrust my music to you.

Let's bequeath our culture together.


While exploring the possibilities of NFT...
In Japan, the marketing of art works has been less active than in other countries.

However, in recent years, creators have been able to set their own prices for their works, publicize the process of creation, and disclose their multifaceted activities on social networking services, and I have no doubt that the tide is turning.

We believe that it is very difficult to consider the value of things by nature. Only experts can assign a price, which is why we have TV programs in which art works are appraised by appraisers.

But I think that the core of this phenomenon is that the digital world can easily expand its base beyond the boundaries of foreign countries, and that the most important thing is for people to "decide the value themselves," "determine the value," and "discover the value.

All in all, we have decided to take on the challenge of jumping into the new field of NFT, seeking to expand the possibilities of "Hatsune Miku."

【BIGHEAD profile】

Beginning my music activities early on in my teens, BIGHEAD mastered the guitar, bass, drums, mix equipment and so on. I went on to major in art at university. And after working at a music production company, I became a free composer responsible for producing, arranging and recording CM music. Starting in 2012, I began producing vocaloid music using “Hatsune Miku”.
In 2014 “Story Rider” (electric P name) was played in the opening act by Lady Gaga ‘s concert’ Hatsune Miku ‘in Lady Gaga’s art RAVE: the ARTPOP ball (16 North American plays). In the same year, renamed it to BIGHEAD and composed the theme song “Sharing The World” of Hatsune Miku’s world tour “HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2014 in LA & NY”. Venue Show off DJ play at Los Angeles after party.
The song was broadcasted on the nationwide popular program CBS “Late Show With David Letterman”, as well as PV videos of “Shogi Den-O Final FINAL” and “Hatsune Miku-Project Diva-X” around the world. In addition, I am doing a wide range of activities including team theme song of GOODSMILE RACING, handling snowmix snow sports line official theme songs. In 2017, as a DJ, I played a total of 8 locations in overseas large festivals such as “DOKOMI 2017” held in Düsseldorf, Germany and “ANIME EXPO 2017” held in LA as well as events throughout Japan.


behance @HEAD BIG
Twitter @bighead11111
Instagram @bighead_miku


Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/jp/artist/bighead/912427405

【apapico profile】

apapico has loved drawing since childhood and naturally started drawing illustrations influenced by Japanese anime, manga, and video games.

He studied illustration and design while working as an assistant to artists and as a VJ at club events during his college years.

Currently, she is working to expand the possibilities of expression with her own sensibility and with a multifaceted viewpoint of traditional Japanese art, manga, anime, Western art, and design.

twitter @apapico
behance @apa apapico
Instagram @apapico

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