KLKTN & MIYAVI Release New Line of NFT Collectibles For Music Video“Hush Hush”

KLKTN & MIYAVI Release New Line of NFT Collectibles For Music Video“Hush Hush”
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The NFT collection is created from within the music video showcasing hidden perks to explore the artist’s creative universe

Los Angeles, California - April 13, 2022 - In collaboration with KLKTN and MIYAVI, the music start-up and multi-faceted Japanese rockstar has released an NFT collection accompanied with the official music video for “Hush Hush” today on MIYAVI’s official YouTube channel. Presented by the NFT platform, KLKTN, which focuses on cultivating unique, artistic experiences between fans and their favorite artists, the music video has fans raving about the powerful production and innovative artistic expression.

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MIYAVI | Hush Hush feat. Kang Daniel


The iconic pop-rock song was released in 2021 as a track on MIYAVI’s 13th studio album, Imaginary, featuring the K-Pop megastar, Kang Daniel. Artistically, MIYAVI has always looked to expand the intersection between technology and music for his fans, gaining recognition as a visionary and Web3 NFT experimental creator, so his long standing partnership between him and KLKTN was inevitable for this highly anticipated music video.

The new collection is the final piece from a successful line of drops in the last few months being conceptualized and embedded from within the visually stunning special effects in the music video. The NFT collection is augmenting the music video viewing experience by creating hidden elements within it that allow fans to have another touchpoint in the MIYAVI alternate universe. Fans will have the opportunity to buy three ‘Special Edition’ NFT’s – two being 3D animated artwork while the other is a special alternative ending version for the music video, which fans can find via a QR code hidden in the peripheral view of “Hush Hush”. This assemblage of multimedia art includes special perks exclusively found on KLKTN’s platform, such as virtual meet and greets with MIYAVI, a photocard, as well as unseen video commentary on the process and ideation of the music video.

With the NFT dropping today, the rock icon has previously released multiple drops with this emerging digital collectibles platform that utilizes the energy efficient FLOW blockchain. These digital collectibles were first made available in the "Month of MIYAVI,” in January 2021 to celebrate the singer’s 20th anniversary as a solo artist. Previous projects include: MIYAVI KLKTN Pass, Moments, ArtKards, Kodex, and MIYAVI TELECASTER® Guitar NFT.

"I am excited that the Hush Hush music video is finally coming out. I’m always looking for ways to explore new technologies to showcase my artistic expression. Partnering with KLKTN allowed me to continue to evolve as a visual artist by using new mediums to connect with my audience. To celebrate the release of Hush Hush, we created exclusive content and perks dropping only on KLKTN with more to be released in the future." - MIYAVI

As “Hush Hush” became an instantaneous hit with fans around the globe, a Korean version was released by Kang Daniel featuring MIYAVI. Achieving similar success as the original version, it also became an original soundtrack for the Korean drama, “Rookie Cops'', which recently aired on Disney+ starring Kang Daniel himself.

The production for the music video and NFT assortment took place during the middle of the pandemic while traveling was largely restricted around the globe. MIYAVI and Kang Daniel filmed the music video separately in Los Angeles and Korea with the recording process and ideation of the artwork culminating from Japan. Yet, the two separate filmmaking locations for the music video blended together seamlessly–thanks to the advancement of technology and the global team working tirelessly to sew the scenes together.

The music video sets the scene with an other-worldly landscape as MIYAVI gives fans a glance into the life of being a public figure. Throughout the video, viewers feel as though he is being watched by Kang Daniel, who embodies the shadow of the men and women across the internet haunting, following, and judging his actions. After multiple attempts of MIYAVI trying to escape a world filled with scrutiny, the eyes and judgment embodied by Daniel catches up to him–leaving the vibrant singer voiceless. Despite the trivialities and challenges that have been thrown at him, the public figure choses to pick up another voice, his guitar, as a means to continue to express himself. Throughout this scene,the video subtly flashes the names of his fans, offering another layer of their support during this pivotal conclusion to the story. This powerful production embodies the pressure society can put on a person and the power of self-expression.

“We wanted to celebrate MIYAVI’s 20th anniversary by creating a close-knit community for the fans to connect and explore MIYAVI’s music through new innovations and technology. After some thinking, we realized the perfect way to do so would be through limited edition NFT’s related to the music video. With KLKTN partnering with MIYAVI, we were able to create an amazing assortment of Easter Eggs that fans can find throughout the music video and by focusing on sustainability with the collectible pieces, we are creating one-of-a-kind experiences for the fans.” - Jeff Miyahara, Chief Creative Officer at KLKTN

Recently, KLKTN collaborated with global pop star Kimbra, a two-time GRAMMY Award-winning artist and Kevin Woo, a Korean-American singer-songwriter as well as other top Korean talents such as R&B Artist Junggigo and A-listers Gang DongWon and Kang HyeWon. New artworks will continue to be released in the coming weeks exclusively in the curated platform as they set to be at the forefront of Asian NFT culture.


KLKTN is a curated music, manga and art NFT platform connecting creators with fans through special experiences. The platform allows fans to access special edition digital art and behind-the-scenes moments of artists' creative process. In collaboration with top creators and artists and powered by blockchain technology, KLKTN is taking artist-fan engagement and the best of creative experiential culture into the digital world. Artworks are available as a limited supply of authenticated digital products or NFTs, for purchase via credit card, with a fixed cost per item. KLKTN's co-founders are Jeff Miyahara, Chief Creative Officer and a renowned record producer and songwriter who has produced over 260 international artists; Fabiano Soriani, Chief Technology Officer and former lead blockchain engineer for Dapper Labs; and Daisuke Iwase, Chief Executive Officer, Harvard Business School graduate, former World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, and a digital pioneer known for co-founding Lifenet, a disruptive fintech venture, which he took to IPO. Built on the Flow blockchain to achieve affordable and environmentally-sustainable minting, KLKTN leaves more for artists, fans, and the planet.


MIYAVI is a musician, actor, and philanthropist, bridging cultures across the globe with his music and message. His unique style of guitar playing has taken him on 8 world tours in over 30 countries. Fans refer to MIYAVI as the “Samurai Guitarist.” He has released 15 studio albums. MIYAVI released his solo album with 2019’s NO SLEEP TILL TOKYO, kicked off by a concert at Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium followed by the 2020 release of Holy Nights. On September 15, 2021, MIYAVI released his new album titled Imaginary. MIYAVI made his big screen debut in the Oscar-nominated film Unbroken. He has since appeared in the 2017 blockbuster Kong: Skull Island and the live-action adaptation of the popular manga Bleach. His recent filmography includes the films Stray (2019), Maleficent 2 (2020) and the Netflix film KATE (2021). As a brand ambassador, MIYAVI has appeared as the face of Beats headphones in Japan and on billboards worldwide in Moncler’s Beyond campaign. MIYAVI is the brand ambassador for American Airlines, Rakuten Mobile and BMW. In 2021, MIYAVI released a signature Telecaster with Fender guitars. He is the face of Gucci Japan appearing in Gucci's Off the Grid campaign alongside rapper Lil Nas X and veteran actress Jane Fonda. MIYAVI has also walked the runway at Paris Fashion Week 2018, modeling designer Yohji Yamamoto’s Y-3 collection.

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