The Latest Progress on ALKEMON Announced, Closed Beta Test Recruitment Begins

The Latest Progress on ALKEMON Announced, Closed Beta Test Recruitment Begins

"The latest development progress for the next-generation real treasure hunting game 'ALKEMON' and the announcement of the second closed beta test have been released."

"The development announcement meeting for the blockchain-based real treasure hunting game 'ALKEMON' was held, revealing its details. Additionally, the launch of the second closed beta test was announced."


ALKEMON is a new game embracing a Move2Play concept with NFTs, where players can grow their Alkemon by walking healthily and completing their pixel art through AI art generation. Alkemon are artificial monsters created by players, requiring "Alkemic Spell" and "Alkemize" for imbuing them with souls. The game aims to promote healthy habits and strengthen player bonds through community support.

Closed Beta Test

"The second closed beta test is aimed at obtaining play feedback as a walking exploration game. Participants will be targeted at ALKEMON holders, with a scheduled period of approximately four weeks. The development team plans to evaluate the game's compatibility with lifestyle and the potential for habit maintenance in the medium to long term through this test. It is said that once the development is complete, recruitment will be announced on Medium."

The development team has reached a point where they can consistently provide "fun on the go", and they seem to feel a sense of accomplishment for having overcome the most challenging game design to date. As a result, we look forward to creating games that can be enjoyed simply by walking.

Details of the development report have been made public, so those who are interested should check it out.

Alkenome_Monsters Dapps

Alkenome Monsters

Alkenome Monsters (Alkenome) is a backgammon-style move NFT game in which social commitment* using crypto-alchemy (AI Art) gives souls to unfinished elementary bodies to complete NFT characters. NFT characters are generated by AI art by walking.
We aim for a gradual increase in the price of the currency through locked habitual token economics.
*Social commitment is a system that encourages people to achieve and continue their goals by declaring their own goals through SNS.

Genre: Casual, Move, Social
Supported devices: -
Charges: -
Usage fee: -
Release date: March 31, 2012
Character generation by AI art will be released in advance around 2023/01.
Closed beta release scheduled for around 2023/03
Status: Accepting applications in advance
P2E: Supported
Language: Japanese
Network: Oasys,HOMEVerse,
Distribution Platforms:-
NFT: Alchemon NFT and Alchemon Genesis NFT will be available from Matic (Polygon)
Guild function: -
Tokens: $Oas
Public sales price: -
Trading: -
Synthesis function: Yes
IEO : -
IDO : -
INO : -
Smart contract audit : -
Provider: double jump.frog, Inc.
Development company: double jump.frog inc.
Partner: double
Whitepaper: -
Developer: double jump.frog inc.