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"Contract Servant" Trial Meeting Report [Consava |Event]

A trial session for contract servant experts was held at Axelmark on June 28. Here's a summary of the contract servant's trial.


【New Japan Made dApps】Blockchain Game “WALLET BATTLER” Project Started!!

Expert in developing and operating online games, Arc Corporation (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shingo Hasegawa, hereinafter Arc) has announced the progressing development towards the release of a new game “WALLET BATTLER” (hereinafter this work).


"Age of Rust", A Blockchain Game that Solves Puzzles in the SF World and Gains Virtual Currency

Hello! This is Suno, (@ VurCur). This time I will introduce an adventure game "Age of Rust", a SF world that can be experienced with high quality 3D technology!