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Lost Relics Overview

Lost Relics is a hacktivist action-adventure RPG developed by Australia's Codebit Labs.
By exploring quests, players can acquire items, earn gold, trade items, and cast weapons to take on more difficult quests.
It's similar to games like Diablo or Mine Craft Dungeons.
The main feature of the game is that blockchain items obtained from quests can be traded on the open market as NFTs, which are compatible with the Enjin blockchain, so you can earn money.

This is an alpha version, so the game content is subject to change.

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Bounties, Skills, Adventures, Oh my! | Lost Relics

Turn in Bounties to claim unique rewards, level up your skills in Engineering and Alchemy and defend Talmuth against the hordes of monsters who guard some of the rarest Lost Relics in the universe! 👉👉👉 Play now at https://lostrelics.io/download

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Item Type

In Lost Relics, there are two types of items.

1. Virtual items
2. Blockchain items (BC items)

There are two types of items in Lost Relics

Virtual Items: These are items that can be traded on the Royal Emporium and can be purchased with in-game gold. Some items have a limited number of issues, while others have no limit. If you die while holding an item, it will be lost.

Blockchain items: BC items are items that are managed by the Ethereum blockchain. They can be dropped from monsters, treasure chests, and high level dungeons.
They can be traded as NFTs on Opensea and Enjinx's open market, and will not be lost if you die in a dungeon with the item. You will be returned to your base inventory.

Skin...An avatar. You can customize your character to your liking. It does not give you any advantage in gameplay. Your character can carry his or her own weapons and items.

Wearables...A variety of equipment that can be used to enhance your appearance and abilities.

Pets...These are like support for the player, and will follow you wherever you go on your quest.

Resources...These are materials that can be obtained in dungeons. They are necessary for crafting equipment and other items.

Types of Quests

There are eight quests.
There are four dungeon types, three forest exploration types, and one dessert type.
In the dungeon type, you'll need a pickaxe to get ore.
In the forest type, you need an Axe and a fishing rod to collect materials.
There are also different difficulty levels, and the rarity of the available items varies.

Rarity (grade) of the tool

There are four different rarities, each with their own requirements for creation.

Common: Can be equipped from level 1
Uncommon: Can be equipped from level 10
Rare: Can be equipped from level 25
Legendary: Can be equipped from level 40

Item Rarity

Each BC item and virtual item has its own set of rarities for weapons, effect items, materials, tools, and other items.


As a subscription member, you can receive level bonuses, login bonuses, purchase power pendants, and unlock high-level quests.

If you are an unpaid member, you can only bring back one BC item from a quest, but if you equip a power pendant, you can bring back multiple BC items from a dungeon.

Support for multiverse items

"Lost Relics" supports items from multiverse blockchain games. Multiverse items can be traded on the open market as NFTs.


It is an asset (asset) that complies with the ERC-1155 standard.

About the ERC-1155 token

It is an Ethereum token developed by Radmski, the CTO of ENJIN, created using two token standards, ERC-20 and ERC721. ERC-1155 is a hybrid of the two, with both substitutable and irreplaceable properties. The ERC-20, which is substitutable, can be used for coins, while the ERC721, which is not substitutable, can be used for characters and weapons, and has the advantage of reducing user fees by allowing multiple items to be sent at once.

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