My Crypto Heroes middle stage walkthrough (LV 30 - 40)

My Crypto Heroes middle stage walkthrough (LV 30 - 40)
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As a middle stage walkthrough of My Crypto Heroes, this article will summarize the strategies of LV 30 to 40 nodes and things players should do.

My Crypto Heroes has four types of nodes (dungeons) with difficulty levels of LV 1, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60 respectively. The early stage node below LV 30 can be conquered relatively easily, yet it is difficult to step up from LV 40 to 60.

This article will summarize the must-do things in order to conquer LV 30 - 40 nodes as the middle stage walkthrough.

Raise the level with LV 40 Turing・ Hollerith

Atanasoff and Antikythera are powerful on the attack, therefore it is quite difficult to conquer if the extension and level are not high enough. On the other hand, Turing and Hollerith have many recovering and buffing skills, and the attack power is low, making it easy to conquer.

The first aim is to capture the Turing / Hollerith of LV 40. Even though the difficulty level is higher than those for LV 30 and LV 20, the experience value (CE) players get is the same. Although the consumption of stamina increases, it is still efficient to raise the level in LV 40, where players receive a larger amount of CE per one time.

Because the CE received by the node does not change, Turing・Hollerith that is easy to exploit is the best node to raise the level after the middle stage.

Information of LV40 Turing's walkthrough

The extension that drops: Shield type (status: HP, PHY, AGI up, skill: PHY damage + AGI debuff)

battle 1
Enemy: Melissa Short x 2, Melissa Tall x 1
Walkthrough: Use recovery skill "rollback". Since PHY is low if attacking with PHY type, the recovery amount of the enemy will be lower than the damage, so it is easy to exploit.

battle 2
Enemy: Melissa Short x 2, Melissa Grande x 1
Walkthrough: Grande uses the buff skill "Deep Learning 1.0 ", it is a 5 to 15% INT buff, but because the subject of the skill is "the lowest HP", it is not a threat as long as players have an extremely defensive team.

battle 3
Enemy: Melissa Tall x 1, Melissa Grande x 1, Melissa Venti x 1
Walkthrough: Venti will use the INT system overall attack. If players have the art editing skill "White Candy", the conquering process is easy to stabilize. Venti's passive skill is powerful in the INT system overall attack, which triggers when the HP is less than 30%. It is good to defeat it with the PHY type team from the front, but there is a risk that it will be destroyed all at once if it damages the INT team too much.

Information of LV 40 Hollerith's walkthrough

The extension that drops: Shield type (status: HP, PHY, AGI up, skill: PHY damage + AGI debuff)

battle 1
Enemy: Heart bleed Short x 2, Heart Breed Tall x 1
Walkthrough: use PHY based attacks. Since the enemy's status is PHY <INT, the damage is discreet. Players can conquer it with a PHY type team.

battle 2
Enemy: Heart bleed Short x 2, Heart bleed Grande x 1
Walkthrough: Same as battle 1 except that Grande uses PHY buffs. Because it is not a threat unless it is a long-term battle, the PHY type team is still compatible.

battle 3: Heart bleed Tall x 1, Heart bleed Lande x 1, Heart bleed Venti x 1
Walkthrough: Venti uses PHY-based attack skills. If the rear guard has a low PHY or HP, it will be beaten down and will be stressful. It is easy to stabilize the situation if players increase the level to some extent and secure HP or equip PHY or HP's extension. For an INT attacker, HP, INT, AGI Ring system is recommended.

Collect original extensions for the LV 60 node

To aim for LV 60, it is also recommended to raise the level of the extensions. While raising the level of the heroes and going around the node of LV 40, let's aim at the drop of the original extension.

If players can get the original extension over the rare level, let 's raise it now to level that is able to be equipped by the heroes. Replica extension of A rank drops at LV 40 node, but in order to stably circulate the LV 60 node in the future, it is better to raise the level of the original extension from this timing.

With the update on December 28th, "Swords, Guns, Feathered Pens, Armor" that had dropped so far will no longer be dropped. Purchasing in the market is necessary for obtaining them. The feathered pen is a recovery extension that boosts INT and AGI. If players buy one of them with rare or epic level, the conquering process will be more stable. After the update, it is "sword, book, ring, shield" that are going to be dropped. There will be three types of status rising, buff and debuff effects when attacking.

It takes time to get out of LV 40

With the update on 28th December, a powerful LV60 enemy series "Doppio" has appeared. The status is high, and the attack of each blow is quite heavy. If players use hero and extension below the rare level, they have to raise them to about LV 55 - 60, will consider the art editing skill and build a team in order to win.

LV 40 node will take some time to get out, let's raise the level while gathering extensions. Those who have plenty of funds may purchase epic heroes over LV 50. Because OpenSea does not display the level, it may take time and effort to find a good one, but the conquer will be a lot easier right after.

Once the conquering of LV 40 becomes stable, the next step is finally the LV 60 node. We will introduce the final stage walkthrough in another article.

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