【With Charge】My Crypto Heroes' early stage strategy (LV 1~20 nodes)

【With Charge】My Crypto Heroes' early stage strategy (LV 1~20 nodes)
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This article will explain the steps of the early-stage strategy of the game My Crypto Heroes.11

In order to earn with My Crypto Heroes, it is crucial to raise efficiency and clear the node. Currently, at My Crypto Heroes, players can conquer nodes up to 50 times a day. In other words, maximum efficiency means to clear the node of the highest level (LV 60) 50 times a day with no mistake.

In this article, we aim for a stable conquer of LV 60 node. We will introduce the strategy in two parts. Since it takes a considerably long time to reach the maximum efficiency if players do not charge, the explanation will be made on the premise of a charge around 2 to 3 ETH.

Purchase 12 Heroes

In order to conquer a node up to 50 times, for the convenience of the stamina, it is necessary to prepare five teams of three bodies. In other words, players need to arrange a total of 15 heroes including the early ones.

There are two patterns of how to purchase a hero.

· Buy GUM (in-game currency) at ETH and purchase hero with GUM
· Purchase at OpenSea (game asset exchanges)

The point of purchase at OpenSea is "to check the level".

OpenSea is not the official market of My Crypto Heroes. The status information of the hero is not convenient to check. There are times when it appears like the same heroes of the same price are placed side by side, but the level is different. For the same price, it is better to purchase a higher level hero. It may be a little troublesome, but let's check the status of the heroes.

While proceeding within the game, players can also gain a currency called GUM in the game and purchase heroes. Finally, the ideal situation is to arrange 15 heroes, but there probably is a budget for everyone, so it is also good to aim for arranging 9 heroes for 3 teams.

Recommended heroes for the early stage

The important part in the early stage capture is the excellent avant-garde. My Crypto Heroes' heroes basically receive attacks start from the avant-garde, so if the avant-garde is strong, it makes the node capture considerably easier. Therefore, as a recommended hero for the early stage capture, I will introduce an excellent frontman.

1) Grimm Brothers
Passive skill "Bremen's music song: When receiving damage, it gives 10% recovery effect to yourself and gives confusion effect to the first enemy"

Even if players put it as the avant-garde, the most frequently attacked position, it will stick considerably long thanks to the self-healing skills. Meanwhile, players can use buff and strengthen the Grimm brothers, or defeating the opponent by attacking.
As a disadvantage, a confused enemy attacks his team's guard and will be knocked down. It is easier for accidents to occur if players place too much low HP heroes in the rear guard.

2)Isaemon Red
Passive "Carry slash: when players are active, it has a 10% probability to cause a 50% of the PHY's damage to the enemy at the top"
It has a higher HP and PHY status as avant-garde, as well as a lucky punch with 10% probability. Since the HP is high, even if equipped with a sword/sword, unexpectedly, it also makes an active attack as an excellent attacker. If equipped with a sword/armor, stability will increase a little more.

In addition to these frontmen, it would be nice to purchase uncommon heroes cheaply. Extensions are a good choice to purchase if the funds allowed. However, please avoid Archimedes and Santa Claus. Their skills are not recommended.


Let's conquer the node immediately after purchasing the heroes.

Luckily players can buy a hero with LV of 10 or more, players can probably win even if started with the LV 10 node from the beginning. There are 4 kinds of nodes and the extension and enemy that will drop are different.

· Drops the sword's extension
· PHY type enemy

· Drops gun extension
· Enemy of INT system

· Drops the Feather Pen Extension
· PHY type enemy that also uses buffs

· Drops armor extension
· INT system enemy that uses recovery skill

Let's circulate LV 10 and collect original extensions. There are two kinds of extensions. The original extension, displayed in yellow letters at the time of dropping, and the level rises as players use it in the battle. Other than that, there is a replica extension, which has certain strength from the beginning, but there is no level concept.

As the level rises, the original extension that will raise the level becomes important. Let's circulate the LV 10 node with the aim of dropping "Novice OO" or "Elite OO". If players can afford it, please rank up to LV 20.

Let's use Lab after level up!

If three teams are raised up, it will become easier to circulate LV 10 nodes for players. However, the original extension has probably not been dropped yet. So, let's sell the replica extension got by the node strategy and get some GUM.

From the "Lab" of the market, players are able to sell the replica extension. And players can also purchase the original extension by "trade" using GUM obtained by selling.

As a goal, Let's prepare each of the elite ranked sword, gun, feather pen, and armor. Players are able to charge and buy GUM or collect it step by step by conquering the nodes.

If players raise the level of the elites, they will be able to use it even for the final target LV 60 node.

Let's challenge the LV 20 node

If players can also prepare the original extension, the team will gradually become a shape. Let's challenge the LV 20 node.

Even with the same LV 20, the difficulty level is quite different.

The recommended order of conquering is "Turing> Hollerith> Antiquitila> Atanasoff". Players can consider the last two as the center of the level-up node.

While increasing the level and trying to acquire the original extension, it will become possible to circulate the LV 20 node in a stable manner. If players come to this point, My Crypto Heroes' early stage conquering is complete.

Next time we will summarize the strategy of conquering node after LV 30!

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