Summary of "EGGRYPTO" PVP Battle Beta Strategy Information 1/3

Summary of "EGGRYPTO" PVP Battle Beta Strategy Information
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Here's a roundup of battle strategy information for EGGRYPTO.
Switching teams at the right time to activate a skill is the key to winning the battle!

PVP battle system

EGGRYPTO's PVPs are fought with a total of 15 players, five per team x three teams.

As with quests, the main progression of the battle will be automatic, but players will only be able to switch teams.

The winner is the one who ultimately destroys all of the opponent's units.

PVP's matching system is a real-time system, so if no players are connected at the same time, you'll have to fight the computer.

PVP has been released for a while now, but as of early July 2020, I get the impression that it still matches players. The rate determines who you will be matched with, so as the rate changes, it may be harder to match up.

PVP Battle Rewards

Winning battles will reward you with experience, gold, and monsters.

The amount of experience and gold you receive depends on your rate. The rate of 15,000 and above will not change.

EGGRYPTO's content at the moment makes it difficult to earn gold, so it's easy to earn gold by winning battles and increasing your rate to complete PVP.

The point of interest is here on the arena screen

Rankings and rewards are planned to be implemented.

The rewards have not been revealed, but an assortment of monsters for leveling and gold may be the blandest part of the game.

If the rewards are rare mons, they'll be trading at a high price, so each player might run to purchase assets and other things to try to get them somehow.

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