Summary of "EGGRYPTO" PVP Battle Beta Strategy Information 2/3

Summary of "EGGRYPTO" PVP Battle Beta Strategy Information
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The basics you need to know before you do battle


The choice of formation is very important in EGGRYPTO's PVP.
The trick to PVP is to activate skills well and take advantage of the battle at once.

The monsters that are required to hit strong skills must be placed in the rear guard, where they have attack buffs, and the attackers must be able to survive by using the vanguard.

The key is to think about where to place them, taking into account the dragon type skills.

Monster Attributes

EGGRYPTO's monsters have the following five attributes

1. Water.
2. Fire.
3. glassware
4. light
5. dark

Switching teams while considering the compatibility of attributes will increase your chances of winning, so keep attribute compatibility in mind as a basic knowledge.

Skill Activation.

Under the current tweaks, the activation of skills largely dominates the battle situation.
Learn the basics about activating skills and use them in battle.

Skills are activated over the course of a number of turns.
When a skill is activated, a cut-in is made, and skill effects and damage are dealt with.

You can see how long it takes for a skill to activate, even during the battle screen!

Even if the team is on standby, the turn count will advance until the skill is activated.

Therefore, as soon as the other team defeats the opponent, you need to take measures to prevent the opponent's skill from being activated and destroying your team.

If you can switch to a team with less HP, or a weaker team in the middle of training, and receive the opponent's skills, you can minimize the damage.

You can see the number to the left of your HP on the battle screen to see when the skill is activated.

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