The report of the trial event of a board game version of Contract Servant

The report of the trial event of a board game version of Contract Servant
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On 7th February, the Contract Servant team of Axel Mark held the trial event of the board game version of Contract Servant which reproduced the battle of the Contract Servant.
Hamada from Blockchain Game Info joined this event and experienced the battle of the Contract Servant.

In the trial event of the board game version, cards and rules were made by simplifying the Contract Servant's battle system.

Cards and Rules

Those cards above are used for the battle.
The rules are published in detail on the following page.

There are some squares for a status increase, such as POW + 1, on a field of 5 x 3 squares like this.

The actual battle system of Contract Servant is introduced in the link below.

Strong strategy with the card selection and the arrangement

In the battle shown in the picture, the blue side showed its strength to annihilate the red side without being defeated.
Even if you select 8 cards from the same variety of 40 cards, depending on the card’s selection and arrangement, you can show the overwhelming strength.

"Magic" and "Provocation" that make it invisible to find out the battle result until the end

While I was playing the game, I thought that I could win the battle in the middle, but I lost before I knew it.

The game result is already determined at the moment of the arrangement, but the existence of "magic" and "provocation" greatly changed the expected result.
Even if you win halfway, the powerful magic by the "magic" card that acts on even-numbered turns smashed your allies, and I was defeated by the damage right after I thought I could smash the enemies by the magic.
Also, a "defense" card with a skill called "provocation" can pull the starting point of the enemy’s attack (the dark black position) to your position.

・ Provocation → Pull the starting point of the enemy’s attack to your position. The number of provocations will decrease by one time upon being attacked.

Source : medium.com

Even if the attack of "magic" is set in the right position to damage 4 to 5 pieces of the cards at one time, the target point shifts due to "provocation" and it ended up I could damage only 1 piece. I could not easily expect the battle result unless the battle round goes on.

The mechanism of the order is complicated

So-called “Order” was announced as a rule of the battle of the Contract Servant.

“Orders exist from 1 to 9.
You can control only 1 servant in Order 1 and up to 5 servants in Order 5.
Because of this, it is possible to control more servants at one time in the end of the battle rather than the beginning. Therefore you can expect greater damage.
If two servants are placed in Order 1, one will be on standby and will not act.”

Source : medium.com

At first, I was not sure what it meant, but I understood after seeing the card of the board game version.

There was a card with "strong magic" and "strong attack" written on Order 1. Although it could give extraordinary damage, only 1 person can act due to Order 1.

In the board game version, the cooperative attack by shifting the order to the second half of the battle did not bring us a big effect. However, if we have proper strategy toward the enemy’s coordination of in which order their defense or magic acts, the damage we give the enemy can be bigger and the damage we get from the enemy can be smaller. It is necessary to expect in which order the enemy set their defense or magic.

More complicated for real card games

In the board game version, it was easy to calculate values such as HP20, POW5, etc. However, in the real card game, the range of numerical values is wider, such that the Servant's HP will be 8450 and Lv exists.

Also, even for the same type of servant, the status will be different and the place where you can attack will be different. Therefore the variation will be increased and you can’t simply judge the battle result just because the combination looks weak.

My impression of joining the event

In the board game version, the arrangement of each other was not seen until the deck was arranged and placed on the squares. Somehow it had kind of complication such as a submarine game.

To be honest, I thought "If I arrange something strong randomly, I will win."
Yes, this game is still simple. However it is necessary to deeply measure how much and where the attack can be done by selecting eight cards, and what kind of attack the enemy is likely to do by arranging the cards on the squares. It was a quite strategic game.

Since a future update is written in the board game version, we will also look forward to future announcement if they want to release the game in real from game and blockchain.

The rules seem complicated, but surprisingly it is simpler than expectation and the way of card’s act is clearly defined. So you can play this game by using the rules even if the game is not released yet.
If you are interested in how this game looks like, please try playing the board game version before the service starts.

I want the Contract Servant to hold a trial play event since your impression will be totally changed through the real game experience.

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