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【Interview】 What kind of innovation do blockchain brings to game? The 2nd: How to pledge the value Axel mark Mr. Oshita.

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We had an interview Mr. Oshita from Axel mark which developed Contract Servant, by Blockchain Game Info Kimura. We will deliver the article in 3 times.

The 1st: The reason why they joined
The 2nd: How to pledge the value
The 3rd: Look back this year

Junji Oshita Axel mark Inc. CEO
Yuki Mikami Contract Servant Director
Yoshihiko Kimura Blockchain Game Info Chief Editor


The previous Article

Direction of Contract Servant

【Interview】 What kind of innovation do blockchain brings to game? The 2nd: How to pledge the value Axel mark Mr. Oshita.

Mr. Mikami: Last time we talked about how the fusion of blockchain and game will be attracted. Do you think that it will be one possibility when game is closed open the source and ask somebody to turn over it?

Mr.Oshita: I think it has possibility. My Crypto Heros is relative near idea. I’m guessing that they want to develop a dApps, the land reflects that very clearly. They are trying little by little to let the user decide the rule of game. It is aiming to develop a circumstance that if the user wish they can play forever. On the other hand, Contract Servant is thinking to operate it properly and grow the game. The approach is different, but the goal is not so much. Everything is to make the money, time, passion that user spent for the game permanent.

How to pledge the value

【Interview】 What kind of innovation do blockchain brings to game? The 2nd: How to pledge the value Axel mark Mr. Oshita.

Mr. Oshita: Contract Servant will focus more to the flow property with more operator-centric, when My Crypto Heroes is putting weight on ownership. If we secure the flow property more, we feel that user will keep mind the value of each item in the game.

Mr. Kimura: What would be needed to pledge the value of card, as the price they buy or more?

Mr.Oshita: To think how the game items will be defined ,will be dealt, will be noticed the value as a token on blockchain, we searched the case things has asset value, and flow property in the real word. What was most useful was the deal of art works. I will cut how it reached to there, but what we thought important is how art field think important about the story, history behind the work. If we can visualize, who is the owner now, and who was previous, what kind of circumstance happen before the card came to them, how many times it was used, how many times it wins. It will be more valuable than status.

Mr.Kimura: Does it mean history will be the information to pledge the value?

Mr.Oshita. Yes. It is one mission for us that to mark the history and pledge the value, to make the user easy to deal. Game itself have a history, through long time it became now, so if can play when we can notice that there is a history in card itself, the experience and feeling will dramatically change comparing with playing only when the card status is high.

How to get the user notice history

Mr.Kimura: Ok, then how are you going the user to notice the history.

Mr.Oshita: Basically we manage all the history of the card in server, so when it is sold at marketplace it will be visible, and user can check it.

Mr.Kimura:For example of art, the value links to who draw it, the value of the work itself, like it is success or failure work. But can you do like that?

Mr.Mishita: At Contract Servant if we can use “Mix”, we can mark who made it. There is a possibility that there will be someone who can make a high-status token in a miracle probability.

Mr.Oshita: To make scarcity value made by whom, what kind of circumstance it had, and how the probability is, is very near how art is. In the field of art, the classic works have a steady value. But of course, classic doesn’t have any new works. In the other hand, the demand of art is increasing now. In that case what catch the eye is modern art. Modern art have the structure to deal with work which the artist is still alive. But they will even link their life to the value. The artist is what kind of person, how eccentric life he spent. If there is a story or not will be evaluated as a add value.

Mr.Kimura: Does it mean the artists life will be link to the value of the work?

Mr.Oshita: Yes. Not just history, story is important. What is included to that story doesn’t have any description. But many people add many interpretations and a new story got born. At least, we want to visualize where it was born, what kind of circumstance it went through before, what kind of fight it had done, and later we want people to add their own story and judge the value. In art field, there is something called “Lostchild premium”. It became premium that only the Lostchild falimy was owning it. At Contract servant there will be a legend owner too, like the story of real estate that price increase only by a news that celebrities was living in the past. Contract Servant can really make a collection by your own story. For example, like someone bought the deck which won the first tournament and saved itfor a while

Continued to the 3rd

At the 3rd will be about reviewing this year and talking about future.

Contract Servantpre-registration is here

Contract Servant(コントラクトサーヴァント)

Contract Servant

コントラクトサーヴァント -CARD GAME-

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