【Interview】 What innovation will blockchain makes to game?

【Interview】  What innovation will blockchain makes to game?
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The 1st: The reason they joined Blockchain game.
Axel mark Mr. Oshita

We had an interview to Mr. Oshita from Axel mark which developed Contract Servant. Interviewer is Blockchain Game Info Kimura. We will deliver the interview in 3 articles.

The 1st: The reason they joined Blockchain game.
The 2nd: How to pledge the value
The 3rd: Look back this year

Junji Oshita Axel mark Inc. CEO
Yuki Mikami Contract Servant Director
Yoshihiko Kimura Blockchain Game Info Chief Editor

The reason that joined Blockchain game

Kimura  : Please tell me why you decided to join Block chain game.

Mr.Oshita : At the beginning, we start in a position for a while it will continue that smart device like smartphone, tablet will be the mainstream to enter internet will be more accreted that amount is important when game platform lose flexibility. In that situation, I wanted to challenge to develop games which use new technology more than challenging by amount to the market. And one more I got an idea that game and blockchain will be something Innovative.

Possibility of Device change

Mr.Oshita: It became 10 years after smartphone had come to the market,  some people expect that now will be the time to move to the next device.

Mr. Mikami: Does it mean 10 years of internet by feature phone have passed, after that 10 years of internet by smartphone had and next will be coming soon?

Mr.Oshita: Yes. There is somehow a forecast from the past that there is a 10 years term, and now 10 years have passed. So we are paying attention to figuring what will be the “next smartphone”.

Mr. Mikami: These days the number of VR and AR service are increasing drastically.

Mr.Oshita: In many fields, there is a lot of challenge but still hard to find a device which exceed the speed to spread out than smartphone. There is lot of possibility like glass type wear device, voice device like smart speaker but still struggling to be the mainstream.

Mr. Mikami: I feel the same too. This is just my intuition, but I feel that the age of smartphone will continue more.

Mr.Oshita: Therefor we have to base on this situation that smart phone will be the main device for internet, when we consider about game division.

How to fight in the rule of amount

Mr. Oshita: Basically, when Platform reach maturity game becomes for core user. If you release the same quality as before, user feels that it is becoming worse. The more and more impulse the game gave, the more and more it became for core user permanently. Game has a destiny to became for core user, and it will happen at any platform. When I think back of feature phone it was same. At first, the mobile game at feature phone was accepted only based on text with some illustration and you can play just by pushing. But every time a new title is launched it became more and more rich.

Mr.Mikami:It bring back my memories. As you say no one criticize that is it a game or not when you are just pushing.

Mr.Oshita: That is why we did a lot of challenge to be particular about visual, and quality. Finally it became like “Tenku no Region” which we worked that had Georgios visual like challenging to the limit of visual. That makes the game rich and became more interesting, but it cost a lot for development and operation. So, the development cost was 10 times expensive when I compare with “kingdom chronicle “which I worked on mobage and these days “World cross surge”” Magibato”.

Mr.Mishita : In real, It takes time too. To make the game rich it takes more time, but when we are developing the market will grow and grow. Honestly, I have a conflict between my mind that want the user to play more earlier, and that want to develop it perfect to enjoy it fully.

Mr.Oshita : When it became more for core, next it became the rules of amount. When it became to this rule, it is very hard to fight in the same field with major player. Especially these days, the game which China major company provides has many cases that use an overwhelming marketing cost. Mostly the game which china company provides and popular in Japan, had already collect the development cost and some profit in China. Therefor the quality of the game and KPI is already ensured so they use all the profits which earn at Japan to promotion in Japan. It is like a strategy that the ratio of promotion is 100%.

Mr. Mikami: When I use the game which is released, I am surprised to the
highness of quality even it is just after released. But in our case firstly we have to recover the bug, need to prepare for event, so promotion is after the operation is steady. If the game is already perfect when it is released, don’t have any worry for game itself and can use all the profit to promotion it will be the best tactics to excite the game.

Mr. Oshita: Even it is a hard situation now, I want to continue creating games. If so, we have to find a new market even it is not steady we have to play this rule. I think it was same when the early stage of social game, even the early stage of video game, that even the field don’t have a steady reputation but if they feel a possibility, we join and try to get the position of anticipator. The reason of 30% is that kind of strategic view.

The attraction of blockchain and games fusion.

Mr. Oshita: I will talk about the left 70% of the reason. What I think innovation is or something innovative, or new isn’t a thing that suddenly a value will be accepted to the world which was not existed before. It is a thing that till now it was thought as a common sense but when we rethink about it something is wrong, and another choice will be made by new technology and it spread out suddenly.
Uber is the good example for that, even not a taxi if somebody will transport to where you want to go anybody will be ok. It was accepted as “In fact that’s feel comfortable”” We can be freer from transportation”.

When we start thinking about the field of blockchain game, in the past there was a question that “It is weird that when the operator closes the game, all the money and time the user spent became zero”” All the item I bought is mine, and all the time I spent is mine”. To answer this question, it can be only done by blockchain.

To keep assets, and experience of game to users’ hand forever the structure has to be recognized and defined on a trustless and decentralized structure outside the hand of game operator. If the activity can be proven in public, not in the handof operator, I think everyone will chose this one.

Mr.Mikami: The collaboration between blockchain and game will make a new common sense that ever exists. Like, “Don’t delete my tens of thousands of yen, which was my little money, by only game operator sight of view.

Mr. Oshita: Exactly like that. The fusion of blockchain and game will be something innovative, like a democracy that give the history and assets of game which was managed by game operator to users

Continue to the 2nd

The 2nd will be about how Contract Servant thinks about how to pledge the important value to run the eco system.

Contract Servant(コントラクトサーヴァント)

Contract Servant

The new free blockchain game "Contract Servant" is now available!
Let's have a new experience where you can make assets in the game!

Game introduction
This is a tactical battle game with a formation of character cards called Servants.
Servants include Common Servants and Token Servants, and Token Servants are managed on a blockchain.
Also, no two token servants have the same parameters, even if they have the same design.

Compete against players from around the world in league battles held every Monday, and after a week of competition, you'll be able to compete for the top spot.
Get attractive rewards such as Talkancer Vant and gorgeous items!

▼Make an asset with gameplay!
Tokenservants earned as League Rewards become your assets as NFTs (Non Substitutability Tokens).
You can also exchange your token vant for the crypto asset Ethereum (ETH) by trading between users in the market function!
Common Servants cannot be bought and sold in the market, nor can they be transferred to other users.

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