[For Beginners] How to start an Ethermon battle, and how to get the monsters.

[For Beginners] How to start an Ethermon battle, and how to get the monsters.
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Here's how to start a battle in Ethermon, which has been revived by the power of the community.

Preparing to Start Ethereum

- Prepare MetaMask.
- Add Polygon to MetaMask.
- Add a small amount of MATIC, the currency used in Polygon.

Ethereum is only available on PC, so first, prepare a browser with MetaMask. You can also switch from Ethereum to a different chain called Polygon to get monsters, so add the Polygon chain to MetaMask. Don't forget to add a small amount of MATIC to pass the transaction.

For more information on how to prepare Polygon for this area, please check out this article.

Get 5 free monsters!

Source : ethermon.io

Log in to Ethermon using METAMASK and register your email address from "Click here" where it says "To get 3 free starters" and you will get 3 free monsters.

Check it out from "My Collection" at the bottom left of the top page.

Source : ethermon.io

The next step is to get a free MATICmon from the "Official Store".

MATICmon is a new version of the monster, and is adjusted to be a little stronger than the previous monsters.

You can find Snobbit and Hambrisk in the Official Store, so make sure you get both.

To get one, click on the monster to display its details, then click on "Catch on Matic" to go through the transaction.

After a few moments, check your My Collection and you should now have five monsters. You are now ready for battle.

Source : ethermon.io

By the way, you can check the ancestry and status of the monsters you own from the My Collection page.

Setting up the battle

Once you have gathered your monsters, it's time to join the battle. If you are going to fight with only your first monster, Ladder #1 is a good place to start.

Once you enter the battle of Ladder #1, you can form your team from "Form Team".

Ethereal battles are 3vs3 auto-battles. First and second attacks based on attribute compatibility and speed, and buffs by supporters (marked with a shield) are important.

In the first five battles, you can't get buffs even if you set a monster as a supporter, so it's best to organize two Maticons and one monster of your choice.

 join the battle

Select an opponent

Source : ethermon.io

Ethereal battles are fought by selecting from a list of potential opponents and attacking them yourself.

Depending on the strength of your opponent, the points you receive for victory will increase or decrease, and you will compete for ranking with those points.

Defeat opponents of equal or higher rank to earn points.

When you select an opponent and start a battle, a pop-up window will appear to select the number of attacks. Battles in Easymon are Energy-based, with each attack costing 2 Energy. Energy is recovered at 5:00am and 5:00pm.

So it's a game of how to increase your points efficiently with limited energy.

Attribute compatibility

Source : ethermon.io

Attribute compatibility comes into play quite a bit in the battle of Ethamon. However, there are so many attributes of Ether-Mon that it is very difficult to remember them.

It's a good idea to choose your opponents by looking at this attribute compatibility chart.

Once you're familiar with the battles, what's next to buy?

Source : ethermon.io

You can buy a strong monster, but if you are going to buy a strong monster, you want to enjoy training it.

So, the next option is to buy a Supporter that will strengthen the monster you want to raise.

In the battle of Ethereal, if you set a Garçon or Ancestor monster as a Supporter, the target monster will be strengthened, making it easier to win the battle.

Garson: Support-only monster, buffs the defense of monsters with matching attributes.
Ancestor: Ancestor monsters are set for each monster, and buffs the attack power of monsters with the corresponding ancestor set.

For example, when Attacker A and Attacker B share a common attribute, putting in that galson will increase the defense of both A and B. The same goes for ancestors. If you set the common ancestor of A and B, the attack power of both A and B will be increased.

Considering the ancestors and attributes, coming up with an original team is one of the fun parts of Ethermon.

Monsters can be purchased from the "Market". The Market is only compatible with the Ethereum network, so please switch chains when using it.

Don't forget the daily bonus.

Source : ethermon.io

Easymon also has a daily bonus.

The daily bonus is based on the number of battles you win, so be sure to collect it after each battle.

The "Quests to earn" on the top page is the so-called daily bonus. You can apply for them from here.


Perhaps due to the influence of Akshay, the number of people playing Ethermon seems to be increasing rapidly. Why not level up steadily in battle and collect daily bonuses?


We are currently developing Etheremon in partnership with decentraland, which can be used in VR space.
The development has been temporarily stopped, but Etheremon has been transferred to https://ethermon.io/ by volunteers and is being operated as "Etheremon" from "Etheremon".

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