My Crypto Heroes' final stage walkthrough (LV 60 node)

My Crypto Heroes' final stage walkthrough (LV 60 node)
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At the node ver1.1 of My Crypto Heroes (MCH), LV 60 has the highest difficulty. This article will summarize the strategy of conquering LV 60 node as the last part of MCH walkthrough.

At the node ver1.1 of My Crypto Heroes (MCH), LV 60 has the highest difficulty. Compared with ver1.0, powerful enemies appeared, which made it more difficult to conquer.

This article will summarize the conquering process of LV 60 node as the last part of MyCrypto walkthrough.

Prerequisites for LV 60 node walkthrough

If players challenge the LV 60 node without enough preparation, it will only be a waste of time. This article will summarize the minimum conditions for a successful conquer.

· The level of the hero needs to be more than 40 (preferably 50 or more)
· Rare extension should be LV 40 or higher, or A rank replica extension is needed as the main equipment
· Equipt art editing skills
→ One indication that makes the LV 40 node to be conquered stably.
The difficulty is of a different level with the LV 60 node, as the minimum, LV 40 is necessary. If players only aim for a lap of a no-continue clear, they will be targeting around level 50 to 55. The border for a stable no-continue clear is about LV60.

The status and damage of the heroes will depend heavily on the extension. Therefore, the original extensions that are not leveled up enough or the replica extension with a low rank are not going to be enough.

The art editing skill uses one of the precious skill boxes. The default rest only recovers players' physical strength by 20%, which is very wasteful. Let's equip the skill considering which matches the best, attack, buff skill, or recovery skill.

Outline of LV 60 node walkthrough's procedure

If players can get the original extension and the replica extension of A rank or higher as soon as they are able to steadily circulate around the LV 40 node. Let's raise the level of heroes and extensions to 50 first while making stable circulation. Of course, depending on proper adjustment it can be cleared even below the level mentioned.

Once players raised the level, it is recommended to start the challenge first with Turing. The shield that drops by Turing is an extension with PHY attack and AGI debuff skills. If the Legendary level was dropped by any chance, players will be able to sell it at a fairly high price.

If players are able to obtain and sell legendary and Epic level items well, they can even use GUM to raise the heroes' level further and purchase heroes. Since 50 times a day is the limitation of node conquering, by preparing multiple powerful heroes, it is possible to efficiently circulate a node with a higher difficulty.

LV 60 Turing's walkthrough information

The extension that drops: Shield type (status: HP, PHY, AGI up, skill: PHY damage + AGI debuff)

An enhanced version of the enemy "Doppio" appears from the LV 60 node. The eyes are shining red and seem heinous. The status is also enhanced than the normal ones, and how to withstand Doppio's attack is a key point of LV 60 node conquering.

However, since the opponent also uses recovery skills and buff skills, there is a possibility that it will be difficult if players simply push it into a long-term battle.

Time up → Increase attack skills
Annihilate → raise the level, and increase recovery skill

Please try to look for the optimal solution while adjusting based on the experiences

battle 1
Enemy: Melissa Short x 2, Melissa Tall Doppio x 1
Walkthrough: Melissa Tall doppio uses recovery skill "rollback 1.0". Doppio has a high INT, and for any extensions and heroes raised halfway, the amount of recovery will be greater than the amount of damage, which may result in a time-up. It is recommended to raise the PHY attacker firmly and set it to the result of a PHY around 150 ~ 200. PHY Buff's art editing skill "Green Lease" is also effective for strengthening PHY attacker.

battle 2
Enemy: Melissa Tall doppio, Melissa short, Melissa Grande Doppio
Walkthrough: Grande Doppio uses the enhanced recovery skill "rollback 1.5". Tall and Grande's skill sets construct an enemy team specializing in recovery, as two recovery skills are stacked. Compared to battle 1, there is a higher possibility of time up without conquering it. Let's minimize our team's recovery skills and give priority to a concrete attack.

battle 3
Enemy: Melissa Tall doppio, Melissa Grande Doppio, Melissa Venti doppio
Walkthrough: The boss, the Venti Doppio, is placed behind Tall, Doppio that are strengthened with recovery skill. Overall INT attack "Phishing 2.0" is powerful, there is a possibility that damage may increase more than "Phishing 1.2" despite the whole attack. However, since the enemy's attack skills are limited, as with battle 2, players can conquer the battle by making some adjustments to minimize recovery skill and increase attack skills.

LV 60 Hollerith's walkthrough information

T extension that drops: Shield type (status: HP, PHY, AGI up, skill: PHY damage + AGI debuff)

battle 1
Enemy: Heart bleed Short x 2, Heart bleed Tall Doppio
Walkthrough: Hollerith 's enemy attack using PHY. Short is AGI 147, Tall doppio is 154. At a number less than 150 and over 150, the attack cycle will change, so be careful if your team's hero's AGI is less than 100 as it might get painful. It is advisable to equip swords and INT extensions, and secure at least 100.

battle 2
Enemy: Heart bleed Tall Doppio, Heart bleed Short, Heart bleed Grande Doppio
Walkthrough: The AGI of Grande is also 154, so please be careful. Grande will use PHY buff "refactoring 1.0", but it will not pose much of a threat as it covers only one ally with low HP. If battle 1 has been cleared, battle 2 can be cleared without any problem.

battle 3
Enemy: Heart bleed Tall Doppio, Heart bleed Grande Doppio, Heart bleed Venty Doppio
Walkthrough: Venti, as the Node Boss, will attack the entire team with PHY. The power is as high as 10% to 50%, but even with this, it can still be cleared without any problem. it is recommended to equip two White Candy with a group recovery skill of art edit skill or a PHY hero with a blade to acquire an AGI of 100.

LV 60 Atanasoff and Antikythera have the highest difficulty

What left is Athanasoff and Antikythera of LV 60, but they are rather difficult to conquer even compared to Hollerith and Turing of LV 60. When players are able to conquer Hollerith and Turing, it is recommended to level up first. If players can get the extension of Replica S, it will be useful when conquering Atanasoff and Antikythera.

If players can continue, the debuff is recommended. Even annihilated, the debuff remains on the opponent team. A hero that can be debuffed is Beethoven of Epic, but here is a drawback of the soaring price which had made it hard to obtain.

Therefore, Keiji Maeda and Empress Yang that withstand INT debuff are good choices. If that is still difficult, art editing skills can be useful. INT debuff "yellow blast", which is activated with yellow type images, and PHY type debuff "cyan frost ", which is activated with cyan type image are recommended.

It's a good choice to put art editing with a debuff and equip, with the aim of defensive, with 3 to 4 pens and fight in the long-term battle. It will be bad for efficiency to make a continue every time, please pay attention to the balance.

As the level rises ultimately, it should become stabilized. If GUM decreases by the continues, please lower the level and collect it.

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