Press Release - My Crypto Heroes : Crypto game made in japan will be launched on 30th November 2018


Developers of crypto games, double inc. (Head office:Tokyo Japan, CEO:Hironobu Ueno), have announced that the official launch and crowd sale for My Crypto Heroes(MCH) will be started on 30th November 2018.

[Game overview]

‘My Crypto Heroes’(MCH) is a HTML5 game for smartphones and PC featuring blockchain technology.MCH is a quick and casual worker­placement RPG.Collect and train historical Heroes of the world, get special and legendary items into your to equip, compose the ultimate unbeatable team formations and challenge epic battles to conquer the crypto world.
Pre­sale was held on 21st September 2018. Had recorded No.1 the amount of transaction in Dapps field. Sales soard to 694 ETH, which is far more than our expected.
Beta battle test, which was started from 25th September, got the NO.1 in the Daily Access Users of Dapps as well. But the network jammed up some times at Beta battle test due to too much access since our product was the first use case of the newest technologies such as sidechain on the crypto game.

[Official launch]

Major system reconstruction and New contents

Considering the result of Beta battle test, we will optimize a process for transactions based on current performance of sidechain technologies. Official launch will be held after a major reconstruction in order to make it be capable of 100 times of the amount of access comparing to Beta battle test. In addition, basic functions such as Teaming and Inventory, and “art­eddit”, which is one of the remarkable features of MCH will be improved drastically according to users’ feedback. And those following functions will be implemented:

”Quests”: PvE battle, which is our main content at official launch
“Duel Battle”: PvP battle from early December.
“Ranked battle”: well received ranked battle will come again after Duel battle ”Market” :Users can purchase heroes and equipments with GUM here after crowd sale

GUM (Game User Money) is the currency used in MCH, it can be purchased with ETH. GUM is mainly used for the purchase of heroes and for transactions between players.

[Crowd sale]

Heroes, which are assets in MCH, will be going on crowd sale. Crowd sale Heroes are exclusively sold within the Crowd sale time period. The time period and stocks are limited, so definitely don’t miss your chance to get your hands on these lucrative heroes !!

Period of Crowd sale
from 30th November to 10th December
The Benefits of Purchasing in the Crowd Sale
50 % the amount of ETH used to purchase heroes in the crowd sale will be returned in equivalent GUM
Heroes Lineup
will be announced via website, twitter account and medium website
Twitter account Medium:

My Crypto Heroes logo

[Company Overview]

Founded on April 3rd 2018, we specialize in the development of crypto games. Our games cover a wide range of platforms; mobile social games, online PC games, console games etc. As well as the development and management of platform games, we have specialists in financial management relating to crypto currencies and blockchain technology knowhow. A subsidiary of DLE Inc. (Head Office: Tokyo, CEO: Ryuta Shiiki), listed on the 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Company name: double inc. ( ) Address: 3­3­4 Koujimachi, Chiyoda­ku, Tokyo, Japan
CEO/CTO: Hironobu Ueno
Business area: blockchain game, development and management of assets

Contact : double inc. ( )
TEL : 03­3230­8631 FAX : 03­3221­3690 email :
CMO : Tamaya Naohito

(*1)Blockchain Game Info(調べ
(*3)GUM(ゲームユーザーマネー)とは仮想通貨 Ethereum で購⼊できる MCH のゲーム内マネーです。GUM は主にヒーロー

double jump.tokyo株式会社 会社概要

会社名︓double 株式会社
代表者︓代表取締役 上野 広伸

My Crypto Heroes


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