My Crypto Heroes | Maximum difficulty Troy Walkthrough (Legend 1 Epic 2)

My Crypto Heroes | Maximum difficulty Troy Walkthrough (Legend 1 Epic 2)
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Since I managed to clear My Crypto Heroes' limited-time node "Troy", I am going to share the tips of the strategy in this walkthrough. The composition is legend 1 epic 2.

A very difficult time-limited node "Troy" appeared in My Crypto Heroes. The level requirement is at least 60, and we cannot clear it with heroes who have not been trained properly.

Strategic information is been posted on Twitter, however, there are still many compositions that use a legendary hero. I am aiming for a successful competence below Epic, but at the moment I am able to clear with a team with 1 Legendary Hero.

In this article, it will introduce the team that took up the highest difficulty node, and also the important points to win.

Walkthrough Team

Avant-garde: Tchaikovsky (Epic, LV 60)
Imperial Sword (Epic, LV 69)
Fluted Armor (Epic, LV 70)
Art Edit: Cyan Frost (PHY Debuff)
Passive: Resurrect at 20% at death, AGI 30% up

Central halfback: Sakamoto Ryoma (Legend, LV 65)
A sacred feather pen (Epic, LV 70)
A sacred feather pen (Epic, LV 51)
Art Edit: White Candy (whole recovery)
Passive: 40% recovery in action, 30% recovery overall, INT 10% up

Rear Guard: Masamune Date (Epic, LV 65)
Three Musketeers' Musket (Epic, LV 62)
Three Musketeers' Musket (Epic, LV 52)
Art Edit: Cyan Frost (PHY Debuff)
Passive: INT 140% damage at 20% during action

Team Commentary

The avant-garde is a very important position for the shield. However, in the case of Zhang Fei, who was an excellent shield at the last battle beta, the AGI is too low and it just makes a pulp hit. As a result, the attack power will be insufficient.

The important point of the avant-grade is to equip well-grown PHY epic. By the way, when we tried to improve stability by changing into armor x 2 in this configuration, we were to lose as the attack power was insufficient. To make good coordination of the team is a difficult task, but that is interesting.

Central halfback is Ryoma Sakamoto, who is specializing in recovery. With the pen alone it will only recover the avant-garde hero with low HP, and the recovery will not be in time. In addition to the passive skills, we have raised the amount of recovery by equipping an art edit of the whole recovery.

The rear guard is INT specialized Date Masamune, a hero that is a bit tricky. Sakamoto Ryoma 's passive and Epic weapon INT buffs are going to raise overall attack power. In addition, the passive skill "Dokuganryu" has the destructive power of INT 140% damage. Since activation is 20%, although it is somewhat unstable, it sharply reduces the enemy's HP in the second half of the game.

Tips on Team Formation

In the Troy this time, all avant-garde is enemy of PHY specialization. I wish I had enough attack power to clear it all at once, but their resilience is high and it is quite difficult.

So what would be useful is the PHY Debak's cyan frost. Cyan color It is an art editing skill that you can learn by capturing the main image.

Effect: Decrease the front enemy's PHY by 10% of the INT

By lowering the enemy 's PHY, you not only reduced the incompetency but also gains the effect of lowering Enemy' s resilience. This is because the resilience is determined from both the status of the recovery recipient and the status of the recovery side.

In addition, although the effect will disappear if the buff is annihilated, the effect of the debuff remains. If you continue with debuffing as much as possible, the battle after the contest will be easier at a stroke.

From that aspect, Beethoven's jubilant song is powerful for high-level node capture.

Song of Jubilant: When the hero's HP first become less than 50%, it reduces the PHY / INT / AGI of all enemies by 25% of INT

By the effect of the Epic weapon, if you activate it with the INT raised, it will cause an effect of considerably weakening. It is not included in this team, but please consider it.

Epic Extension is Necessary

An epic extension is essential for Troy. The reason is that Epic comes with a 5% buff.

Since building a team to clear Troy is quite difficult, if you divide the buff in an unorganized way, you will not have enough resilience or offensive power. This problem can be solved by using a high attack power and an epic extension with a 5% self-buffing that works if look at the long-term perspective.

On the contrary, if even one extension is brought up, the hero will have some room of selection to some extent.

Preparation for the Next Maximum Difficulty Node

For highly difficult nodes, horses' extensions with high rarity will drop. The rarity value is quite high, and if you sell it you will be able to get a reasonable GUM or ETH.

Where people who had not been able to develop heroes this time also want to ride on the next opportunity.

Therefore, as a preparation, there are things better to be done,

① Obtain extensions over Epic
② Increase the extension level higher than Epic to 50 or more
③ Increase the level of the hero to 60 or more

If only these three things are completed, although you will still need a little more work, you will be able to clear the highest level of difficulty with Legend hero of 0 ~ 1. It's great if you hit the original extension with high difficulty, so let's cultivate your skills by next time even if you didn't make it this time!

It will surely be useful for the new content as well.

My Crypto Heroes

MCH is a quick and casual worker-placement RPG.
Enter "LRwA" in the invite code to get a bonus hero!
Collect and train historical Heroes of the world, get special and legendary items into your to equip, compose the ultimate unbeatable team formations and challenge epic battles to conquer the crypto world !

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