Explanation of How to Use LINE’s dApps “Wizball”

Explanation of How to Use LINE’s dApps “Wizball”
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LINE has announced its platform that is able to utilize token to be in use. This article will explain how to use Wizball.

What is Wizball?

LINE独自のブロックチェーン(LINK chain)を基盤とし、

Source : wizball.io

"Wizball is a Q & A service established for the purpose of sharing knowledge.
Based on LINE's blockchain (LINK chain), it aims to create a better information-sharing environment by sharing profit and value with community members who contributed to improve the significance of services."

It is a site to ask questions. Users are allowed to ask questions as well as give answers.

The system of Wizball will accumulate points for a user as his or her questions and answers been evaluated by other users.

The design is also been made extremely easy to understand.

Origin of Wizball

The name Wizball is a coined word made from wisdom + snowball.
It means that knowledge will be increased like snowballs by the effort of people.

How to Use Wizball

Login with LINE Account

Login screen will appear after clicking the login button on the upper right corner.
Users can login by entering the e-mail address and password registered with their LINE account.

Fill in the Profile

Let’s fill in the profile information after login.
Click your icon in the upper right corner to jump to the profile page and click Edit.

・Work Place
・Educational Background

By adding these kinds of information, users can show their expertise to other users.

How to Ask Questions

Users can click on the pen mark to switch to the screen where they can write questions, so please write a question you would like to ask. It is also possible to attach images to the questions.

After writing a question, users need to complete the posting process by selecting the category and setting the reward.

How to Answer a Question

If you click on a question that has not been answered yet, a text box where you can type the answer will appear, so please type the answer there.

Questions can be checked by the number of views or responses, or by the movement of LINK points.
The evaluation may increase more by answering the questions with fewer responses than those that are already been answered.

Words You Want to Know to Use Wizball

Knowledge shared within the Wizball community.

Members participated in the creating process.

Knowledge content composed of questions, answers, and recommendations.

Wiz Power (WP)
It is a number that represents the degree of contribution of users to the knowledge. It is given accordingly depending on the proportion of the contribution of the users who participated in the Article, and the given WP is going to be accumulated without been erased.

LINK Point
It is a coin issued based on the value of the Article, and will be distributed according to the contribution of each Wizer who participated in. 1 LINK = 500 LINE points

Reward pool
It accumulates LINK Points that is going to be distributed to all members.

Voter is a Wizer who votes for an item.

Voting Power
It is the influence of a Voter's vote. It decreases each time when the user votes, and will recover a certain amount on each hour.

Creator is a Wizer who generates an item. (Asker Answerer)

LINK Point
Rewards presented by the questioner to encourage answerer to answer.

If you keep these words in mind, you can basically use it comfortably.

Opportunity of Wining LINK Point

1. 質問者⋅回答者⋅Voterへのインセンティブ精算(1日1回)
- リワード付与は活動の翌日午前10時から行われます。システムの状況によりすこし遅れる場合がありますので、あらかじめご了承ください。

2. 新規加入時に0.02LINK Pointのボーナスを支給
- ブロックチェーンのシステム状況により、会員登録の際にWalletの生成が遅れる場合があります。そのため、一時的にLINK Pointが0と表示される場合がございますが、しばらくすれば反映されますので、ご了承ください。
- なお、サービス退会後の再加入の際にはボーナスLINK Pointは支給されませんのでご了承ください。

3. 保有しているWPおよびLINK Pointにの量に応じて、定期的に配当ボーナスを支給(年2回)

Source : help2.line.me

"1. Questioner · Respondent · Voter’s incentive settlement (once a day)
- Rewards will be given starts from 10 am on the day after the activity. Please note that it may be slightly delayed depending on the situation of the system.

2. 0.02 LINK Point bonus given to newly joined members
- Depending on the status of blockchain system, the establishment of the wallet may be delayed at the time of registration. Therefore, LINK Point may be displayed as 0 temporarily at first, but please be noted that the correct amount will be reflected after a while.
- Please note that bonus LINK Point will not be awarded for re-enrollment after withdrawing from the service.

3. Dividend bonus will be paid to users on a regular basis (twice a year) according to the amount of WP and LINK Point that they hold. "

The time of distribution and bonus has been mentioned. There is an interesting fact worth remembering, which is the two bonuses each year.

Wizball also has a help center.
It has been filled up with answers that are able to solve all the basic questions, so it would be a good choice to flip through.


I have thought about using Wizball, and compare to other existing blockchain project the releasing time has been highly enriching. From that I sensed the strong power of LINE service.

LINK points can also be exchanged into LINE points, which is an advantage.
Unlike other questioning sites, it has the potential to grow into a large site.

There may be good things happening afterwards by starting ahead early!

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