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S@dApps science student

I am a college student who has also worked on block chain game events and interpreters. I will post about the block chain game!

Article Written by S@dApps science student

How Did the Presale Go? “War Riders”, a Battle Game Under Development of its Own Side Chain that Manipulates Cars

WarRiders has performed a pre-sale at the end of August, and this article will explore the future developments of this game.


Explanation of How to Use LINE’s dApps “Wizball”

LINE has announced its platform that is able to utilize token to be in use. This article will explain how to use Wizball.


Booming User Growth! What is LINE’s Predicting Platform “4CAST” and How to Use It?

LINE’s dApps “4CAST” is a predicting platform. The number of user is increasing continuously.