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Acquired cult and blue in 2006 I worked at beaune of Burgundy, France for 1 year. In June 2016, entered the virtual currency trading.

Article Written by Beaune

What’s Hyperledger that Caught Major Companies’ Attention?

Hyperledger is also involved with large companies such as IBM. An article about Fujitsu was posted previously, yet Japanese companies such as Sony, Hitachi, Fujitsu and NTT are also paying attention to Hyperledger. Although Hyperledger is a blockchain platform, it does not issue currencies like bit coins or Ethereum. This article will explain in detail about Hyperledger.


Utilization of Blockchain Technology in Japanese Enterprise Fujitsu (FUJITSU) Approach to Blockchain Technology

While overseas companies are using blockchain technology one after another, the use of block chain technology can also be seen within major Japanese companies. This article will look at Japan's representative company Fujitsu (FUJITSU) in its field of utilizing blockchain technology.