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【Interview】 What innovation will blockchain makes to game?

The 1st: The reason they joined Blockchain game. Axel mark Mr. Oshita We had an interview to Mr. Oshita from Axel mark which developed Contract Servant. Interviewer is Blockchain Game Info Kimura. We will deliver the interview in 3 articles. The 1st: The reason they joined Blockchain game. The 2nd: How to pledge the value The 3rd: Look back this year Member: Junji Oshita Axel mark Inc. CEO Yuki Mikami Contract Servant Director Yoshihiko Kimura Blockchain Game Info Chief Editor


"Contract Servant" Trial Meeting Report [Consava |Event]

A trial session for contract servant experts was held at Axelmark on June 28. Here's a summary of the contract servant's trial.