KYUZAN releases MINT, an NFT store building service

KYUZAN releases MINT, an NFT store building service
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KYUZAN has released MINT, a service for IPs, top creators, and high brands to quickly and easily build NFT stores that match their unique brand image.

Kyuzan, the developer and operator of the blockchain game EGGRYPTO, announced the release of MINT, a service for businesses to quickly and easily open their own NFT stores, on April 5, 2021.

The release of NFT marketplaces has been attracting a lot of attention in recent years, and KYUZAN says it developed MINT out of a need for an easy solution to build its own NFT store, as owners of high-end brands felt that it was undesirable to be listed in the same category as other brands' NFTs. The company stated that it developed MINT because it needed a solution that would allow it to easily build its own NFT shop.

This will greatly reduce the initial cost and development period, and the company is aiming to become the NFT version of Shopify and BASE.

Features of MINT

1.Support for opening an original NFT store to express your brand
You can express the world view of your brand through an original NFT store. The more powerful your brand is, the more MINT can help you increase the value of your NFTs.

2.Opening an NFT store is quick and easy.
In order to open your own original NFT store, you need to make a large initial investment including learning costs.

3.Give your users the best NFT buying experience
By letting Mint take care of the complicated and cumbersome NFT store infrastructure, you can focus on providing an enjoyable and easy-to-use NFT buying experience.

Source : prtimes.jp

MINT provides an SDK that allows for front-end customization. Also, MINT provides a concise implementation of the elements necessary to build an NFT store, including connecting the user's wallet to the NFT store, obtaining a list of NFTs being auctioned, bidding on NFTs, and obtaining NFTs that the user has bid on and owns.

It provides the same functions as an EC store, such as sales management, which can be checked from a dedicated dashboard.

The price of use and examples of development can be found on the "MINT" website.

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At the start of the service, MINT is able to handle contents in various formats and has most of the functions of an EC store with credit card payment, which shows the seriousness of the service.
It is hoped that "MINT" will be offered to the "toC" market in order to increase the recognition of NFTs in Japan and for the future when anyone can issue NFTs.

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