What is GO PONY? Raise horses and earn with racing!

What is GO PONY? Raise horses and earn with racing!

GO PONY is a game where a player raises a pony, which is stored in the blockchain system, and earns ETH when winning in a race.

Racing games such as Crypto-Oink and Crypto Derby have attracted attention, but there is a racing game that has already been released overseas.

Back in the day BITPET's race was also popular!

In this article, we will introduce the game "GO PONY" that allows players to raise horses and earn ETH in the race. If it is the time for overseas gamers to go up, races will also be crowded!

What is GO PONY?

GO PONY allows players to raise a horse, which is stored in the blockchain system, and join a race. To participate in the race, carrots are needed. Players can get carrots by purchasing at the market or by getting a campaign. The cost of the carrot is the source for the winner's prize.

The interesting part of this game is that players can earn as much as they raising a horse devotedly. Horses used by top players are nearly MAX status, and some horses earn more than 2 ETH. (The exact training cost is unknow, so there is the possibility of a deficit.)

Try to purchase a horse from the market

GO PONY's horses can be purchased from players at the market.

The horse has 5 statuses in total.

· Speed: Important at 1400 meters race. It is related to the speed in the race. As a bodily sensation, it will grow with the number being high.
· Stamina: Important at 2300 m race. When the stamina is low, the speed decreases in the second half of the race. It is an important status in a long distance race.
· Start: Important at 1200m race. It means a good start. Speed and stamina also become important if aiming for a short-range escape strategy​.
· Burst: Important at 2000m race. Horses may accelerate during the race. It is an acceleration-related​ status.
· Disposition: The higher the disposition, the better the status to acquire as a bonus. It is a growth status.

It is important to get a horse with sharp status rather than those with halfway statuses, to figure out a good and suitable race and participate.

Join the Race!

Purchase the carrots

A carrot is necessary to participate in the race.
Players can purchase the carrot from "Carrot" under the account name.

· 10 pieces: 0.034 ETH
· 33 pieces: 0.102 ETH
· 88 pieces: 0.272 ETH
· 225 pieces: 0.68 ETH

The price of the carrots is shown as above.
The more you buy the better the price gets.

The number of carrots needed to join the race depends on the growth of the horse.

· Newbie: 2 pieces
· Rookie: 4 pieces
· Amateur: 7 pieces
· Professional: 11 pieces
· Master: 16 pieces

The cost is low for beginners, and players can enjoy the game while carefully raising their horse!

Participate in the race

To enter the race of GO PONY, players can participate from the "Race" menu. As the race is held every ten minutes, the winning percentage will rise by choosing a race that is suitable for your horse's status.

Players can also watch the race, the graphics are dull, but players can still enjoy the surprising accelerating and overtaking on the way.

When winning the race, prize money comes according to the number of participants. Since the carrot cost will be repaid just by winning once in the opening part, please challenge by all means.


This article has Introduced GO PONY and the method to play. It is a game that players can enjoy breeding and racing the horses, like BITPET, which is popular in Japan and Crypto-Oink, which is scheduled for implementation of races in the future.

There is still a chance to earn if players raise the horses well and pick a favorable race. Please try playing sometimes.

GoPony : The Best Racing Game

GoPony : The Best Racing Game