What is Blockchain Game "KittieFight" that Makes Kitty fight? Know More About KittiesHell which Burn


Hello! It is (@ VurCur). This time we will introduce the blockchain game "KittieFight" which fights the character of CryptoKitties!

In this article I will also mention about KittieHell that requires burning Kitty!

What is KittieFight?

KittieFight is a blockchain game that fights Kitty, which is a character of the typical blockchain game CryptoKitties.

If you and your Kitty win, you can earn tokens as a reward to obtain goods for fighting kitty and virtual currency.

I will also introduce about KittiesHell, which can be said as the big attraction of KittieFight.

KittieFight is still under development and most of the information on the homepage is shown as coming soon. Although there is much information that cannot be obtained, it is still a very intriguing game for blockchain gamer.

Tokenize Cats for CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties is the first blockchain game with cat as the motif that allows users to buy and sell Kitty.

The important thing about CryptoKitties is that the kittens are tokenized by the Ethereum standard ERC - 721.

As a merit of tokenizing, users can connect it with other games and thus are able to prevent the character from disappearing due to the end of release.

For these reasons, ERC - 721 has become widely used in blockchain games.

KittiesFight’s Aim?What is KittiesHell?

CryptoKitties is a collective type block chain game that allows you to buy and sell Kitty, but has little expandability as a game compared to other games.

If you handle it only with CryptoKitties, Kitty is only an asset.

Here KittiesFight is trying to further activate CryptoKitties by bringing CryptoKitties characters into battle and by giving players winning rewards.

Another important thing is the system called KittiesHell.

The current problem with CryptoKitties is that it is oversupplied.

According to the developer of KittieFight, the price of kitties of CryptoKitties is less than 0.008 ETH, and the liquidity is bad. Those kitties are hardly traded.

KittiesHell is designed as a mechanism to solve the problem. It burns (destroys) Kitty that was oversupplied.

At this time detailed conditions are not revealed.

I would like to wait for the next report.


In KittieFight, in order to activate CryptoKitties, it introduced a system to reward players by fighting Kitty and burning Kitty by the function KittiesHell.

It is an idea both attractive and revolutionary.

Since there is still under development, much information remains undisclosed. I can’t wait to hear the future report.

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