【Interview】What kind of innovation do blockchain brings to game?The 3rd: Look back this year.Axel mark Mr. Oshita.

【Interview】What kind of innovation do blockchain brings to game?The 3rd: Look back this year.Axel mark Mr. Oshita.
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We had an interview to Mr. Oshita from Axel mark which developed Contract Servant. Interviewer is Blockchain Game Info Kimura. We will deliver the interview in 3 articles.

The 1st: The reason they joined Blockchain game.
The 2nd: How to pledge the value
The 3rd: Look back this year

Junji Oshita Axel mark Inc. CEO
Yuki Mikami Contract Servant Director
Yoshihiko Kimura Blockchain Game Info Chief Editor

The knowledge in the year

Mr. Kimura: It has been a year after you started the development and joined blockchain game field, will you tell me some unexpected discovery or changes that you found?

Mr.Oshita: It was more deeper than I thought, and we need to elaborate more. But for a happy finding, it was a while after I didn’t touch browser game but surprised the progress of how browse became expressive. I realized that how rich we can express, when we are developing the battle part of the game by Play Canvas. Firstly, we were planning a lighter implementation like CryptoKitties. But based on changes of circumstance, we changed the direction that we should release a more playable and should have more game property. Honestly it took time more than I thought. But, it is fun that we have the chaos and hurry of the beginning.

The difference between Social game user

Mr. Oshita: I think in the future; users will play by no difference. But now it is still not. As we are checking who is playing now is the innovator, still not proceed to the level of early adaptor. Social game starts from mass suddenly, so people who have time is playing, but who is playing blockchain game as an innovator is different. They had an interest of blockchain, or virtual currency and it spread to blockchain game.

Mr.Mikami: In that point, we still don’t think that the user is moving from social game to block chain game yet. Who is enjoying is a totally different kind of user.
Mr.Oshita: As Mikami san said, it starts as a different movement. I don’t think that social game users are playing. Now who are excepting to blockchain game, or who thinks that blockchain game wants to be lively is enjoying now. In that meaning, as My Crypto Heros raise as a message that how much money, passion, time spend to the game should be owned by users. And who agreed to that is playing. This message hits the right direction. There is a part that developer and players mind synchronize.

Mr.Mikami: Social game user choose by they want to get reward by battle, want to get trust from the guild member, and they feel the value to that point. And who want to enjoy high quality game will choose social game as well.

The fun of global

Mr. Oshita: One more, it’s interesting that global is a common sense. Technologically, browse game can be launched to global without non platform but if we don’t have the context of block chain nobody will check it. In one hand, people say that users aren’t many, but in the other hand if we can get attention from global it is a merit.

We have a thinking that, not only launching a game by considering which market, which country but to the community of blockchain, virtual currency.
Blockchain is decentralized, and it is a global technology, so it is becoming nonsense to develop an expression only for Japan market.
To be more conceptional, I’m thinking what nation is.

Do we call it a nation, if there is a land, and people can live and there is a culture? Of course, there is a lot of factor, but I think what nation be as a nation “currency” is a big factory.
There is a power that to call people to the nation bound by deal and currency, like there is a deal only by Japanese Yen, things can only buy by Japanese Yen, can only buy at Japan.

But virtual currency makes a situation that people can hold, keep Ethereum wherever you live. That makes a new community which is not nation which is not area.

Developing the format of Blockchain game

Mr. Kimura: This is too early to talk but if now is the first phrase of blockchain game of browse game, what do you expect will come to the next phrase.

Mr. Oshita: Blockchain game still need to dig deep more for the structure. Even at social games before a lot of gorgeous projects launched, like trying to challenge the limit of the visual expression of feature phone, there were of lots of procedure of format research. To find out what kind of game is interesting. What was most epoch making was the Dragon Collection Card battle. After Dragon Collection launched everybody start to develop card battle and became more and more gorgeous to attract user. It leads to the completed version Shingeki no Bahamut. For blockchain game it is still not that level. Still we don’t have blockchain games Dragon Collection. So, it will be trial and error for a while. But if we don’t have the base mind, we will just be developing copies, so we want to be at the side of developing the formats. I wish Contract Servant will be the Dragon Collection of blockchain game.

Mr.Mikami: Yes, we want that position. No, we need to get it.

Mr.Oshita: So our development team keep in mind to challenge fully to develop a title which can be leading the field of blockchain game. For theory, we want to make an innovation to keep the time, money spent at the game to users. Whatever it is we want to explore to keep it in users’ hands. There will be a lot of way, like make the source open, entrust operation to community and user. But we want to find out what will be the best to make the game steady by users’ passion.

Can win My Crypto Heros?

Mr. Kimura: Now speaking of blockchain game, it is My crypto Heros. But do you think you can change this and be at this position?

Mr.Oshita: Of course I want to be, but more than winning the ideal situation is to make a relation that will attract each other’s and coexist. The first approach and the rule of game is totally different, so like social game we want the user to play My Crypto Hero’s and Contract Servant both. The market size it is still a small market compare to the whole game market. Therefor it will be no meaning that if only Contract Servant is good at selling but others or not. For that reason, we want to make the market bigger together. It has been a year and a half after CryptoKitties has launch. After that success, many titles have developed and launched, in this situation we want to launch a high-quality game and show that if we enter this market, we want the user to enjoy high quality. I wish that other blockchain game follows this. We develop in this mind so please enjoy Contract Servant.

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